August 9, 2010

Cal Football Head Shots

Video of head shots up on cal bears all access, can see a little of me in action: here

Woke up early this morning for Cal Football Head Shots at Memorial Stadium at 8am. Football season is officially upon us!

The previous two years were also 8-11am which usually meant Mike Tepper was there at 7:45 being the cheery morning person and the next guys would roll in, probably the bulk at 10am. This year, with Tepper being gone, freshman Alejandro Crosthwaite tried to fill in his shoes and was there at 7:30. Even more amazing, probably had more than half of the team come through before 9:15!

That's pretty impressive considering the process: 1) take off shirt they're wearing 2) put on polo 3) grab nametag 4) quick shot holding name 5) shot in polo sitting down 6) take off polo 7) find jersey # on the rack and put on 8) shot in jersey standing.

I used to just do the sitting head shot in polo and a hired ESPN photographer would take the standing jersey head shot, but now ESPN just asks the university to provide TV appropriate photos. It's pretty cool because then when I get to watch an away game on TV, my photos are used for starting line-ups as well as in game discussion about players... pretty cool!

One year Tedford had asked to have them all smile, which was a little tough since most wanted to look intimidating not super friendly. This year nobody had to smile, but still got some smiles and J.P. Hurrell even asked if he could smile! How sweet!

They were very well organized, but also a little goofy =)

Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson was even quoted in the article about photo day that "When you become a junior or a redshirt sophomore, you can start to develop character and you can have a little more fun here [at photo day]." I'm glad the players have fun and enjoy getting their head shots taken, it makes my day more enjoyable =)

I'm definitely looking forward to the football season, first game September 4th against my sister's alma mater, UC Davis.

Both sets up on


  1. haha very nice!! Wow, you're up super early!! And I'm sure up a few hours before to get all your gear ready. Great job Kelley! Now I a photographer whose work will be on TV all the time during Cal games! =)

  2. Thanks Alexis! And yup I was up before 6am =)

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