June 30, 2010

Facebook Fan Page!

It's official! I have a fan page on facebook =)

As my faithful blog readers (my mom and according to Google Analytics, someone in Brazil) might remember, I posted on June 1st that I had created a fan page. After spamming family and close friends who I figured would feel obligated to "like" it, I reached the 25 fans which is the marker at which FB allows you to claim a username for your page. So thanks to those first 25!!

I've been posting items such as assignments, new photos, places where my photos are published, when I update the blog, random thoughts somehow relating to my work, and it all automatically updates my twitter!

You can leave comments, upload photos, and stay up to date on all the exciting (at least to me) things I'm doing as I continue pursuing photography as a career!

And now I've "suggested" the page all my facebook friends which at the moment is 981, so can I aim for 981 fans? ... and maybe friends of friends can bump me to 1,000! I haven't reached even 100 fans yet, so I'm not counting my chickens, but I'm dreaming big!! =)

So, por favor, spread the world. My facebook fan page:


Tack så mycket!!

June 27, 2010

Sky Blue FC defeats FC Gold Pride 2-0

Man, what a bummer. Gold Pride got handed their first home loss this season from Sky Blue FC =(

Despite being outrageously hot in Hayward, was an enjoyable game. My shots weren't anything amazing (I'm going to pass the blame off on my 1.4x TC) but I did get a few I liked. And thankfully Natasha Kai, who is apparently now just Tasha Kai, celebrated towards me after her goal so I got a good shot of her.

All photos up on isisphotos.com

June 25, 2010

USA Women's Water Polo vs China - Stanford

After a less than great shoot at Davis, I decided to also head to Stanford to shoot the 3rd match in the exhibition series with China and the game was at 7pm so I was able to get some nice daylight still.

And I was SO glad I went. 1) They won 12-8 after losing the first 2 games in Davis and San Ramon 2) my contact at USA Water Polo gave me "USA Water Polo Exhibition Series USA vs China" t-shirt for coming out and shooting for them! And anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE free things... specifically clothes from any team I shoot. I have no need for clothes, it's a very confused utility function ;-)

Also, I added 2 photos of why women's water polo is better than men's... this cake! Decorated like a pool with half bodied barbies in goal and one has a frosting swimsuit, amazing!

Beyond that, it was a great and exciting game, my shots (IMHO) came out a lot better than Davis, so I was doubly happy I shot it!

Full set up at http://kelleylcox.zenfolio.com/usawaterpolo/women/vschina3

USA Women's Water Polo vs China - Davis

On Tuesday headed over to UC Davis campus to shoot USA Women's Water Polo National Team vs China in an exhibition match at the Schaal Aquatics Center. It's a really beautiful facility but unfortunately the lighting situation is much less than ideal for night games.

I wasn't too pleased with the photos, you can see how noisy they ended up being at ISO past 3200 on the Mk III.

But had a chance to redeem my Thursday, making separate post for that one =)

June 22, 2010

SOC: FC Gold Pride defeat Boston Breakers 1-0

What a relief... the switch from Castro Valley HS Athletic Stadium to Pioner Stadium in Hayward, did not jinx the winning #1 team in the WPS! FC Gold Pride defeated the Boston Breakers 1-0 at their new home thanks to a score by Kelley... not me, Kelley O'Hara ;-)

At half time the owners came out and asked everyone to bring a friend to the next match, trying to boost ticket sales... in support, I can honestly tell you these games are exciting! Not to mention the local team is the #1 in the league, has 4 current and former US Women's National Team players and 6 current and former national team players from other countries, including FIFA player of the year the last 4 years, Marta!!! Tickets start at $12, for live entertainment!

Just before the second half, they recognized some of the girls father's on the field for Father's Day, pretty sweet and you know they must be so proud! It's great to see super supportive parents... I know a few ;-)

photo by Stacey Cox

And of course, Happy Father's Day to all Daddy's and father figures!

photo by Colleen Cox

June 13, 2010

Quakes win the Sacramento Cup vs Chivas USA

Believe it or not there is other soccer happening in the world other than World Cup! To be more specific the Sacramento Cup.

While in my hometown, Vacaville, made a bit of a last minute decision to head up to Raley Field for the inaugural Sacramento Cup.

It was not a regular season game so got to catch a lot of the non-starters, including goalkeeper Jon Busch. Though relatively untested thanks to a good back line, the 0-0 draw at the end of regulation led to a penalty shoot out. Jon Busch got to be the hero of the game, stopping the 6th shot from the other keeper Dan Kennedy. Jason Hernandez scored and game ended 6-5. What an exciting finish, and glad quakes got the win.

Looking forward to the 2nd annual Sacramento Cup!

June 10, 2010

Yosemite = YoseMIGHTY!

In my daily cruising of SFgate, I found an article about a free photo walk offered in Yosemite. Without much further investigation, decided to give it a try and took along the lil travelin ladies, my mom and grandma.

First off, let me say Yosemite was INCREDIBLE. Not just it's normal, incredibly beautiful, but WOW, falls that are normally dried up were gushing, and tons of unnamed runoff falls were flowing too. All this meaning the river was white water! Check out the morning view!

But back to the program, runs June 7th-28th, then heads to the Grand Canyon, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and ends in Acadia August 24th. Sponsored by Canon, "Photography in the Parks" is a free guided photo workshop designed to help "sharpen your skills" whether you are beginner or expert. 

I would say the best part of it is the option to also borrow gear for free. Since I had never ventured into macro photography, I borrowed a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, so sweet!! For a little under 2 hrs, while everyone else was shooting landscapes, I was the weirdo focused on dogwood, bark, leaves, pinecones, etc. Was such a blast, and the guides helped give me ideas on shooting macro (one was a Brooks grad who had focused on macro) and landscapes (have a foreground, middle ground, and background) To find out more check out ohranger.com/canon


After the class, I went on a bike ride with my mom... on the trails that weren't flooded! And we saw a helicopter land! Pretty cool!

Next I went on the tram ride with my mom and grandma, which gives you history of the park, stops you at all the photo ops, and despite being uber touristy, was really enjoyable and a great way to see the park without driving all around it.


Yosemite became a national park with support of photographs because they proved that the site was real It was a platform for one of the most widely known photographers, Ansel Adams. It's hard to take a "bad picture"... but I'd say it's even harder to take a unique photo. My photos don't even come close to expressing the magnitude, beauty, and experience, but I take them anyways because it's fun =)

June 8, 2010

Welcome Shannon Boxx to FC Gold Pride

With the unfortunate folding of WPS team, St. Louis Athletica announced 2 weeks ago, all the Athletica players became free agents.  FC Gold Pride was able to sign an agreement with US Women's National Team star, Shannon Boxx!

So, before the game last Saturday, I took a head shot of Gold Pride's newest player!

She was so nice, friendly, easy to work with, taking time out of her warm-up to sit for me. Incredible to think the she's a gold medalist, 2005 3rd place FIFA player of the year, and veteran national team superstar, with ZERO ego.

June 5, 2010

FC Gold Pride ties Washington Freedom 1-1

Woo! One of the most exciting games I've ever seen. #1 FC Gold Pride vs #2 Washington Freedom. The game ended with a 1-1 tie to keep Gold Pride at the top. But WHAT an exciting game. If you count shots on goal, it was 18-10 Gold Pride.

Freedom took the lead in the first half after Allie Long's 38th minute goal. But Gold Pride wanted it BAAAD. Marta was playing with so much passion, screaming in Portuguese, and was absolutely amazing to watch with her breakaway speed and just general Marta-ness! She scored the equalizer and celebrated right towards me, it was so sweet! I'm sorry LA Sol went under but I am SO SO SOOO happy to have Marta playing in the bay!

Also, awesome to see Shannon Boxx get the start. Her skill level, leadership, and knowledge of the game really shows when you can place her on a brand new team, with only a few players she's played with before (either US Women's National Team or WPS) and she can still have a great game.

Was the last game for Gold Pride at Castro Valley High School Stadium, next week they head to the brand new stadium at Cal State East Bay. But CV has treated them nicely, great crowds and undefeated at home this season!

In all the excitement of the game, forgot to mention how awesome it was to also see Abby Wambach play, she's hard core, and I wouldn't go near her on the soccer field, but she is great to watch. WPS is really the premier league for women's players and I'm so happy to be a part of it as the league is in just it's 2nd season!

All my photos up at ISIphotos.com

June 3, 2010

Quakes tie Columbus Crew 2-2

With so many Saturday games, mid-week games seem like such a special treat! Some sweeter than others.

After a tough loss last Saturday, it looked like quakes were headed there again with the Crew scoring in the 4th minute. But Arturo Alavarez answered the next minute.

A 69th minute score put Columbus up 2-1, but then Chris Wondolowski (my grandma's favorite player because he's from Danville) got the equalizer on a header.

Unfortunately quakes couldn't score again for the win, but hey, a tie is better than a loss.

All my photos up on ISIphotos.com