June 30, 2010

Facebook Fan Page!

It's official! I have a fan page on facebook =)

As my faithful blog readers (my mom and according to Google Analytics, someone in Brazil) might remember, I posted on June 1st that I had created a fan page. After spamming family and close friends who I figured would feel obligated to "like" it, I reached the 25 fans which is the marker at which FB allows you to claim a username for your page. So thanks to those first 25!!

I've been posting items such as assignments, new photos, places where my photos are published, when I update the blog, random thoughts somehow relating to my work, and it all automatically updates my twitter!

You can leave comments, upload photos, and stay up to date on all the exciting (at least to me) things I'm doing as I continue pursuing photography as a career!

And now I've "suggested" the page all my facebook friends which at the moment is 981, so can I aim for 981 fans? ... and maybe friends of friends can bump me to 1,000! I haven't reached even 100 fans yet, so I'm not counting my chickens, but I'm dreaming big!! =)

So, por favor, spread the world. My facebook fan page:


Tack så mycket!!

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