February 28, 2011

Blast from the Past!

Logged onto my old myspace page the other day and look what I found! A picture of me from my very first Golden Bear Sports assignment. Yup, that's me reppin my Canon Rebel. Memorieeeeees =)

Also, found one of my sister and I at her college graduation. I remember thinking, wow a college graduate, she is so old. Now I'm older than she was then... and for some reason she looks/acts younger now. Most recently, in the middle with my cousin Sarah and I. Taken by Jake at Lindsay's wedding. Haha, family =)

February 26, 2011

Cal Women's Basketball defeats OSU 58-49

Headed over to Haas Pavilion for Senior Day, the final Cal Women's Basketball home game of the season, and what a way to send off the seniors.

Rachelle "Mooch" Federico got the start and put up 15 points. She's one of my favorite players based almost entirely on knowing she's an avid Disney fan. And appropriately, in her postgame quote, equated the feeling of tonight's win to Disneyland.

Layshia Clarendon also had a great game, including this steal, layup and one.

It was also senior day, for senior citizens representing the Bay Area Senior Games at halftime... old men playing basketball, gotta love it!

Full set up: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/womensbasketball/vsosu

February 25, 2011

View from Haas Pavilion

I know I've posted about it before (here) but my favorite part of shooting at Haas Pavilion is the amazing view from the roof when I turn on and off the strobes and tonight was no different. I LOVE the bay area!!!

Inspired Loveliness

Tonight worked on some still photography with the lovely set up shot for my friend, blogger, entrepreneurial friend, KC. The idea is, an about me page for her styling service, inspireHAUS. Instead of simply a photo and a paragraph, to include some elements of her life, style and lifestyle =)

To view it's final result go to the inspireHAUS about page

February 24, 2011

Oregon Women's Basketball defeat Cal 60-46

Headed over to Haas Pavilion for Cal Women's Basketball vs Oregon.

Unfortunately, didn't get the win and fell to Oregon 60-46.

There was a scary collision on an Oregon screen that sent Afure Jemerigbe to the floor.

But thankfully medical staff was on hand, and she was assisted from the court, seemingly ok.

The "Golden Bears Are Good" according to these fine young gentlemen at the game. Hopefully they can have a better result Saturday night against Oregon State.

After the game, the same fine young gentlemen stood by the locker room entrance to hand the girls roses... awwww. So sweet.

Full set: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/womensbasketball/vsoregon

February 23, 2011

Cal Rugby Team Photo

Headed over to Witter Rugby Field today for the Cal Rugby team photo. Wanted to incorporate the new west side sign, especially because it reads Witter Rugby Field (misleading considering rugby won't be playing there in the next three years while it's temporarily a turf field during Memorial Stadium upgrades). This was challenging not only because of the sun but because of the less than pretty portable construction unit in the background.

So opted for a side view. Thanks to the players for moving the soccer net and bringing over a bleacher.

And Coach Billups for directing all the men.

The rugby program is so organized, it's a real pleasure to work with them. Even in tiny tight spaces, like this one, to catch some of the men for head shots who we were unable to photograph in November.

But you would never know the surroundings from the head shots. Seen below the Hodson twins Colin and Ryan Hodson.

February 20, 2011

Cal Men's Basketball defeats UCLA 76-72 in Overtime

Headed over to Cal today for Men's Basketball vs UCLA and what a game!! Especially for Jorge Gutierrez!!

In the final minutes of regulation it came down to Jorge to make his free throws. And hallelujah for the practice time he put in, he made em both to put Cal up 60-57.

But then, Malcolm Lee put up the ball with 0.01 on the clock. The buzzer goes up, and then in the ball goes for the three to tie it up and send it into overtime!

You've GOT to be kidding me!

I had texted a friend, that Jorge with only 2 fouls was going to ball in the overtime. And sure enough, he came through for me, started off the overtime with a basket, then a steal followed by a layup. And provided a huge assist to Brandon Smith for three to put Cal up 74-70.

Then, finished the game with two more free throws, finishing with 34 points!

What a great win for Cal!

Full set: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/mensbasketball/vsucla

February 19, 2011

USC Men's Basketball defeats Stanford 69-53

Headed over to Maples Pavilion today to shoot USC Men's Basketball vs Stanford. The Cardinal fell to the Trojans 69-53.

Jeremy Green had an open Air Jordan-esque dunk.

Dwight Powell wasn't as lucky after the foul.

And something you don't see everyday. A referee fall down. But Stanford Coach Johnny Dawkins was nice enough to try and help him up.

Stanford Men's Swimming and Diving defeat Cal 124.5-118.5

Headed over to Spieker Aquatics Complex for Cal Men's Swimming vs Stanford.

With only three home meets, one night meet against USC, one day time meet vs Bakersfield, and today's, was really hoping I could get some great photos. But alas with the cold rainy weather, there was just steam everywhere. Even the divers were steaming!

The pool itself was surrounded by steam, making all images appear blurry.

But thanks to the magic of photoshop, such images can be saved to some extent.

Was senior day, and though most athletes had their parents there, some like Damir Dugonjic from Slovenia, that was a little impractical, but he did have his fiance with him <3

A lot of the swimmers were sporting some sweet facial hair, a la Mark Spitz.

I assume they'll all be clean shaven before NCAAs, but who knows!

It came down to the 4x100m freestyle relay. And despite Nathan Adrian's thrilling 41.51s 100m freestyle on the final leg, Cal couldn't quite catch Stanford. To give you an idea how fast Nathan went, the American record for the 100m short course is 41.08s. And was set by... Nathan Adrian!