November 28, 2010

Stanford Women's Basketball defeats Texas 93-78

Today I covered the Stanford Women's Basketball game vs Texas. Stanford defeated Texas 93-78.

Preseason is always exciting. It gives players a chance to get some wins under the belt against easy teams, and also play against really strong programs that they don't face regularly. It's great to get a lot of the girs playing time and hints that Stanford, as usual, is going to have another great season under coaching legend, Tara VanDerveer.

They had a "celebrity spotting" of sorts with the football players coming onto the court during one of the timeouts to celebrate the return of the axe, including Heisman Trophy Finalist Andrew Luck.

The Stanford Tree, in it's new outfit, had some great performances as well.

November 27, 2010

Stanford Football defeats OSU 38-0

Immediately after the Cal game, I headed over to shoot the remainder of the Stanford vs OSU football game for my first assignment with Southcreek global media. Thanks to my parent's driving and dropping me off, I was able to make it with some time left in the 2nd quarter.

The game ended up being quite the lopsided victory with Stanford defeating OSU 38-0.

There is no question, Stanford has a great team this year!

When I assisted Peter Read Miller earlier in the season, the assignment was to shoot Owen Marecic, known for starting on both sides of the ball as a fullback and middle linebacker. Though slightly under the radar in the beginning of the season, he now has his own fan group.

A huge thanks out to Matt Cohen for suggesting me to Southcreek once there was an opening. I'm looking forward to covering more events for them!

Washington defeats Cal 16-13

Cal Football played Washington this weekend to fight for a bowl game. Whichever team lost was going to be eliminated from bowl eligibility. Unfortunately, that team was Cal.

There was a great Washington fumble that D.J. Holt was able to land on. Unfortunately, the next play put the ball right back into Washington's hands.

The first half was 0-0 until the last seconds with Giorgio Tavecchio lined up for a 54 yd field goal. And he made it! After knowing the heartache he must have went through after Oregon, it was awesome to see him have this hero moment.

Second half had some more action, Mike Mohamed sacked the quarterback and forced the fumble.

Which was picked up by Cameron Jordan for the touchdown.

Second half also had some rain and hail!

Cal put in a great effort and was ahead 13-10 at the near end of the 4th. But Washington got down to 1st and goal. Cal defense did an amazing job of holding Washington. That left it at 4th and 1 with 0:02 left. Washington Coach made a bold call to go for touchdown for the win as opposed to field goal for the tie to send it into overtime. Either he has zero confidence in his field goal kicker (and worried a Boise State vs Nevada situation) or he has a LOT of faith in his offense. Regardless of the reason, it was the right call and Washington snuck in the end zone for the win.

Regular blog readers might recognize these people even though they've missed the last few games.

This was the last home game at Memorial Stadium as it is. The stadium is receiving a major renovation next year while Cal plays at AT&T Park and will be re-opened for 2012! Goodbye lovely photo work tunnel

Thanksgiving in Reno

About three weeks ago I agreed to assist Peter Read Miller again, this time at the Nevada vs Boise State game on Friday the 26th. It worked out great because the Cal game was on Saturday. Later I realized, driving to Reno in the winter, maybe I should leave the day before, stay with family and friends to avoid getting stuck in a storm. This seemed like a great plan, until I realized the day before was Thanksgiving!

With my sister still in New Zealand missing her first family Thanksgiving, it would not be a wise time to also be gone for Thanksgiving. But my mom, realizing it would be wiser to head up the day before and loving excuses to travel, decided, let's all go! So my parents, grandma and I all loaded up and headed to Reno for the holiday!

There had just been a storm a few days prior dumping lots of snow, clearing up just in time for us to have the most beautiful drive!!

The side roads were plowed JUST enough to let two cars narrowly pass.

But the freeways were kept in great condition, thanks in part, to my uncle who we spotted on his route!

We stopped along Donner Lake, looking as beautiful as ever, and stopped at the Donner Party Museum. I found some perfect icicles but was hesitant to try and photograph them because I would have to trek through the knee deep snow along the building, my mom told me go for it... and as soon as I got over there, she walks onto the completely open and snow-free accessible porch that gave a better angle, "Why don't you try from here?"...!!!!

But considering the snow level when the Donner Party came through, I guess I can't complain too much.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner at the Peppermill. A bit untraditional but also appropriate since I am most thankful for my family and their incredible, slighty irrational, love and support, as proven by spending Thanksgiving in Reno so I could assist at a football game! =)

 The next day I got to witness an exciting overtime upset by Nevada and meet new photographer buddies Robert Beck and KoJo. It's awesome to put faces and personalities to names you know as bylines on some of the most famous sports photographs and sportsshooter articles, and even better when those faces and personalities are unassuming, friendly and funny! After the game, drove back to Emeryville, got home around 5am and was up and ready to go for the Cal game, 12:30pm start, meaning 10:30am arrival!

November 24, 2010

Cal Volleyball vs ASU

Yesterday I was called to see if I could shoot Cal Volleyball against ASU tonight as part of the Arizona games that would help Cal win the Pac-10 title. Unfortunately, ASU defeated them. But they won Friday against Arizona and are official Pac-10 champs for the first time!!

I thought it was going to be a quick win in 3 and I was going to be able to make it home for Modern Family considering Cal was ranked #2, ASU unranked, and Cal had defeated ASU in their last 16 matches, but ASU came out fighting!

ASU got the first set, Cal won the next two. ASU kept fighting and came back from 2-1 to tie it up and then take the fifth set 15-7!

There was some confusion when the referee called Cal for illegal rotation. Cal coaching staff had to correct him and he checked in at the table for numbers and positions, coming back with a "my bad." Though the ASU point was taken away, he continued to call for illegal rotation. I don't know volleyball rules well enough to comment on the officiating, but I've never seen illegal rotation called so many times, against both teams.

There was a cool moment where the strobe didn't fire as intended so I only caught this in the image. The white balance is a lil funky, but I like the "artsyness" of it.

Full set up at:

November 21, 2010

Cal Men's Soccer defeats UCSB 2-1 in Overtime 2nd NCAA

Cal Men's Soccer hosted UCSB for the 2nd round of NCAA Championship.

From a Saturday downpour, thunder and lightning, Sunday was supposed to be similar, but despite some looming clouds was a beautiful day!

It was certainly a physical match. In the 25th minute, Luis Silva picked up a red card for a foul on Servando Carrasco (who picked up a yellow card on the play).

This put UCSB down to 10 players and it remained a physical match.

Then later the UCSB goalie took out his own player with a good hit to face.

UCSB scored with less than 10 minutes left. But then at 88:20, UCSB had a penalty in the box which led to Servando Carrasco taking the penalty kick and tying it up 1-1.

It was back and forth and Servando ALMOST scored again.

With 0:01 left in the first golden goal overtime period, Davis Paul scored!!!

Cal advances and plays Brown next Sunday at Edwards. Go Bears!