January 30, 2011

UAA Women's Gymnastic at Cal

Headed over to Haas Pavilion again today for University of Alaska Gymnastics at Cal.

Ever since photographing my buddy Tamar's game in Oregon, I've maintained a connection to UAA and photographed Men's Basketball, Track & Field, and now Women's Gymnastics!

With other sports, I could have photographed both Cal and UAA but with gymnastics being individual performances in rotation, I could only photograph the Seawolves.

Seawolves neared their season high but fell to the bears.

Kaelei Spoor did earn the victory on the beam with a 9.775.

And Shakea Sanders had a great all around performance at 37.450. And she incorporated the Dougie into her floor routine, ah-mazing!

One thing I love about gymnastics is before, during, and after, the girls are cheering on their teammate. 

Now I need to work on my flexibility!

They've posted a gallery of images here: http://www.goseawolves.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?PALBID=387144

And you can find the full set here: http://photos.kelleylcox.com/uaa/wgymnastics/vscal

January 29, 2011

Cal Men's Basketball defeats Oregon 85-77

Headed over to Haas Pavilion for Cal Men's Basketball vs Oregon.

Though Oregon beat Stanford on Thursday, they couldn't sweep the bay, and fell to the mighty Golden Bears 85-77.

With school being back in full force, there was great student section representation.

And also some familiar faces. With a week-long break from his Turkish team, former Cal Basketball player Jerome Randle came to watch his old teammates.

Across the country it was Sneakers & Suits Day for Coaches vs Cancer.

Allowing Montgomery to get a little more height on his jumps ;-)

Though perhaps not as much as Jorge Gutierrez against Jay-R Strowbridge.

Full set up at: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/mensbasketball/vsoregon

January 28, 2011

Legendary, Made Legendary, Ms. Mone't

Headed over to Napa's Uptown Theatre for a photoshoot with Ms Mone't followed by a great concert, performing with Boz Scaggs.

Now, I love Boz Scaggs, but I'm not going to lie, I was certainly the youngest person there. A bit of an old school blue-eyed soul rocker, he can get you pumped with the Lido Shuffle but otherwise is pretty low key. But Ms. Mone't, keeps the concert lively with attitude, dancing, and of course her incredible voice!

And she sang her own rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "Something To Talk About" and brought the house down! Check out a live recording of her singing it here!

Ms. Mone't is beautiful across the board - physically, vocally, soulfully!

"The class act of a true DIVA... the legendary, made legendary"

Now, I am a friend and fan of Ms. Mone't, but my dad (my date for the show as well as assistant paid in booze)... he is officially a Moniac! He even snuck in for a few photos =)

I stole her quote "Get it done in 1-1" as my motto for the year =) She is getting it done in 1-1, as she has been her whole life... Ms. Mone't IS something to talk about!!

Check out her site: msmonet.com and you can also follow her on twitter and facebook.

Full set of photos: http://photos.kelleylcox.com/msmonet

David Jacobs-Strain

While Ms. Mone't was getting ready, the opening musician, David Jacobs-Strain stepped in for a few shots.

He's a super talented slide guitarist and modern roots singer-songwriter from Oregon.

I had heard him play last time he was at the Uptown Theatre in Napa. Though I rarely buy new music, because I'm a junkie for the familiar old school, I enjoyed his show so much, I bought his CD for my dad on the spot. Perhaps it's because "in his mid-twenties, he already channels age-old wisdom and heartache with such dexterity, energy, and passion that you feel good, even about feeling bad."

The first track on his Terraplane Angel record is Hurricane Railroad (youtube sampler here) and I don't know if I ever made it to the other songs because, like a typical woman who finds a song she likes, just played it on repeat for daaaaaays... and my dad never got the CD.

Was fun to have mini photo shoot with him while we waited for Ms. Mone't who joined him for a few shots before he had to go on stage.

Be sure to check out: davidjacobs-strain.com and follow him on twitter and facebook

Full set up at: http://photos.kelleylcox.com/davidjacobsstrain

January 27, 2011

Oregon Men's Basketball defeats Stanford 67-59

Headed over to Stanford for the Men's Basketball game against Oregon.

Tied 29-29 at halftime, the Ducks pulled away with the win despite a great last minute effort by the Cardinal, 67-59.

Most basketball arena's I've shot at, have the hoops based on the floor, but Stanford now has hanging hoops, which frees up a danger zone to shoot underneath the hoop.

One Oregon fast break, I got up and out of the way. I'm still recovering from my collision at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, not to mention a new bruise from my coffee table, so I figure I'd spare myself this time and stick with less dangerous rebound shots ;-)

After a swat block by Dwight Powell, Stanford fans started waving their fly swatters that read "swat" I love multipurpose spirit items.

Stanford fans also will chant "left, right, left, right....sit down" while a player who fouled out walks off the court. They did this to Tyrone Nared. Though he showed no signs of noticing their chant, he faked em out so they shouted "sit down" before he actually sat down, then actually sat down and enjoyed a laugh.

Reading Partners

Today I took headshots of the staff and board of Reading Partners, a children's literacy nonprofit.


Once upon a time I had a regular desk job. While a student a Berkeley, I had a campus job working for the California Alumni Association. I worked as a "scholarship intern" for the Leadership Award.

I was hired by the Scholarship Director, Michael Lombardo, who is now CEO of Reading Partners.

After Michael left, Matt Aguiar took over the role, he is now COO at Reading Partners.

And Kristarae Flynn who I reported to directly, now works with their Americorps Program Manager.

It was great to take their head shots to catch up with my old CAA buddies!

Originally known as YES Reading, Reading Partners has been following the motto: one tutor. one child. infinite possibilities.

I am very grateful my parents always took time to sit and read with me as a kid and know it played a huge role in my academic success. Unfortunately, there are many young people who struggle with reading and their parents and teachers might not have the time or resources to assist them. Reading Partners pairs individual students and tutors together in the bay area, LA and D.C. communities to help children become lifelong readers. To learn more, volunteer or donate to this great nonprofit, please visit ReadingPartners.org