January 27, 2011

Oregon Men's Basketball defeats Stanford 67-59

Headed over to Stanford for the Men's Basketball game against Oregon.

Tied 29-29 at halftime, the Ducks pulled away with the win despite a great last minute effort by the Cardinal, 67-59.

Most basketball arena's I've shot at, have the hoops based on the floor, but Stanford now has hanging hoops, which frees up a danger zone to shoot underneath the hoop.

One Oregon fast break, I got up and out of the way. I'm still recovering from my collision at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, not to mention a new bruise from my coffee table, so I figure I'd spare myself this time and stick with less dangerous rebound shots ;-)

After a swat block by Dwight Powell, Stanford fans started waving their fly swatters that read "swat" I love multipurpose spirit items.

Stanford fans also will chant "left, right, left, right....sit down" while a player who fouled out walks off the court. They did this to Tyrone Nared. Though he showed no signs of noticing their chant, he faked em out so they shouted "sit down" before he actually sat down, then actually sat down and enjoyed a laugh.

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