Please use the various contact methods below for the corresponding inquiries

USA Today Sports Images

For all licensing requests of images I've photographed on a USA Today Sports Images credential. This includes most NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL coverage.
*Please note: I cannot send you photos of Steph Curry or forward your love note to Bryce Harper

KLC fotos

For all licensing request of images I've photographed for KLC fotos.

Request Photography Services

To book me, or another KLC fotos photographer if I'm unavailable, for your sports, corporate or personal event. Please visit the KLC fotos coverage request page

Olympus Related Questions

For resources and reviews regarding my use of the Olympus micro-four thirds camera system. Please visit my Get Olympus page

Workshop Questions

If I spoke at a workshop you attended and you have a follow up question or if you want to inquire about me doing a workshop with your group.

Say Hello
If you just want to say hello


Due to an increased number of spam calls, I do not list my phone number, nor do I answer calls from unknown callers. If you would like to connect via phone, please send me an email so we can schedule a call.

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