October 27, 2010

Cal Sports Quarterly - Men's Swimming National Champions

I had an opportunity to shoot something I'd really like to shoot more of, creative posed portraits! Only problem was, this was for 6 guys. It's hard to coordinate a portrait with one guy, let alone 6. And more difficult when 6 guys have to fit into a vertical image for a magazine.

But when the guys are all National Champions, super nice, and I have any opportunity to do posed portraits, I'm not complaining! It's not many people that can say they've photographed national champions, olympians, gold medalists!

They also wanted some in the water shots which would be sweet with one guy, just below chest deep, water reflecting, complete water as background, but with 6 guys that turns out to look either water polo and a little awkward.

After they got in the water, we tried to do some "just out of the pool" shots. It was chilly for them but they were troopers.

Before all the guys were out, the SID asked for some solo shots of Nathan Adrian.

Nathan is a great ambassador for Cal because he's a smiley, pre-med gold medalist. But he's one of my favorite Cal athletes because he was on mythbusters! He was on a episode about swimming in syrup. How cool!!!!!

Full set up at: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/swimmingdiving/nationalchamps


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