June 25, 2010

USA Women's Water Polo vs China - Stanford

After a less than great shoot at Davis, I decided to also head to Stanford to shoot the 3rd match in the exhibition series with China and the game was at 7pm so I was able to get some nice daylight still.

And I was SO glad I went. 1) They won 12-8 after losing the first 2 games in Davis and San Ramon 2) my contact at USA Water Polo gave me "USA Water Polo Exhibition Series USA vs China" t-shirt for coming out and shooting for them! And anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE free things... specifically clothes from any team I shoot. I have no need for clothes, it's a very confused utility function ;-)

Also, I added 2 photos of why women's water polo is better than men's... this cake! Decorated like a pool with half bodied barbies in goal and one has a frosting swimsuit, amazing!

Beyond that, it was a great and exciting game, my shots (IMHO) came out a lot better than Davis, so I was doubly happy I shot it!

Full set up at http://kelleylcox.zenfolio.com/usawaterpolo/women/vschina3


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