December 31, 2011

BKC: Stanford defeats USC 51-43

Headed over to Maples Pavilion for Stanford Cardinal vs USC Trojans

This was my first game covering Stanford Men's Basketball this season and though it's always exciting to see new faces I barely recognized Andrew Zimmermann (last year) with the new beard and shaggy hair he's sporting.

As with the spirit of all my other assignments the past few weeks, another close and exciting game!

Stanford was able to pull away with the 51-43 win.

The star of the show was the floor mopper who had to mop a near mid court sweat puddle and narrowly avoid a fast break!

December 30, 2011

BKC: Wagner defeats Santa Clara 64-62

After a quick hot dog break, stuck around Leavey Center for the Cable Car Classic Championship between the Wagner Seahawks and Santa Clara Broncos.

In an exciting game where Wagner's Tyler Murray scored his 1,000th career point.. and then some.

Santa Clara was able to tie the score after a great three point shot by Evan Rocquemore after a foul for a rare - and 2 - for 62-62.

Pleasing to the fans including Santa Clara alum Brandi Chastain

One fan was going so crazy he was sweating through his shirt!

Just as I thought the game was about to go into overtime, Kenneth Ortiz shot the ball, the clock expired, ...and the ball went in!

Wagner went crazy!

Santa Clara head coach went crazy too, but in a different way questioning the referees call to call the shot good for the 64-62 Wagner victory.

Referees confirmed and Wagner went home as champions.

BKC: Air Force defeats Eastern Michigan 42-37

Headed over to Santa Clara University for the Cable Car Classic.

The first game was the consolation matchup between the Air Force Falcons and Eastern Michigan Eagles.

Since my last game at the Leavey Center, Santa Clara has added a nice 25' x13.5' new videoboard making it's debut in the background of my photos.

After a neck and neck game, Air Force pulled away with a 42-37 win over Eastern Michigan.

December 29, 2011

BKC: California defeats USC 53-49

Headed over to Haas Pavilion for Cal Bears vs USC Trojans.

Going into the second half Cal had a nice lead.

But Trojans came back with purpose.

I always like when Mike Montgomery gets upset with the referees call that he just smiles at them like "really?"

Jorge Gutierrez wasn't too happy with the foul calls either.

But the officials called a critical foul against USC with just seconds left and Cal leading by a narrow margin.

And Allen Crabbe made all three free throws to seal the 53-49 win for the Bears.

December 28, 2011

NHL: Canucks defeat Sharks 3-2

After a short but fun trip to Carmel... my view in the morning =)

Headed back north for lunch with KC in Santa Cruz then up to San Jose for another Sharks game!

The Sharks battled against the Vancouver Canucks

And I mean battled!

At one point it seemed like there weren't enough referees to break up each of the individual fights.

But they were able to control them and send a few to the penalty box.

Always reminds me of a child being in "time" out to "think about what you've done"... but they never learn.

Sharks and Canucks traded points to send the game into overtime.

But Canucks were able to put it away in overtime for the 3-2 win.

December 26, 2011

NHL: Ducks defeat Sharks 3-2

Had a quick finish to my Christmas celebrations to head back to the Shark tank for Sharks vs the Ducks.
Being the holidays and NBA back in action there weren't many photographers at the game which meant ice hole for two periods!
I love shooting from the ice to get a better angle on their faces and really see the expressions of players, even if sometimes they are a little too close for comfort.
The white circle is the bit of plastic of the hole I shoot through.
To make images like this.
Antti Niemi was able to make some great saves.
But he couldn't stop enough pucks (or players!) from crossing the goal line and the Ducks defeated the Sharks 3-2.