September 30, 2010

On the Road - To Lake Havasu

For some reason, my mom loves oil wells. Today we had the opportunity to see one up close and working. They are indeed pretty cool, but I'm surprised that they appear more or less the same as they did when the James Dean movie, Giant, was filmed. We can go from rotary telephones to iPhones, yet still most pumpjacks across the US look like this. And here it is up close!

In other, cooler, outdated fashion. We found this awesome Cinderella's carriage structure off the side of the road.

Also on the road:

A passing some new technology, those crazy crazy windmills, looking almost ominous.

Then a little more into the desert we found a road runner, running across the road, how appropriate! Thankfully he wasn't very timid and I was able to catch this of him!

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Chicago Fire defeats San Jose Earthquakes 3-0

Tough game for the quakes tonight. Chicago Fire defeated the San Jose Earthquakes 3-0.

Quakes had a lot of good looks, but is just never went in the net.

On a happier note, Ronald Cerritos was inducted into the Earthquakes hall of fame.

Former Seattle Sounders Designated Player, who didn't exactly leave on the friendliest of terms, Freddie Ljungberg scored his first goal for Chicago Fire.

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Random trivia to interest non-soccer fans, the Swede (who'd have guess that with a name like Ljungberg?) has also done lots of underwear modeling! So who do you like better, Ljungberg for Calvin Klein? Ronaldo for Armani? Beckham for Armani? Someone else? ... I tried to link to relatively PG versions from google search... as PG as underwear modeling can be!

FC Gold Pride 2010 WPS Champions!!!

Gold Pride finished the WPS Championship just as they finished the regular season CAMPEONES!! (That's "champions" for my non-Spanish speaking readers ;-)) FC Gold Pride defeated the Philadelphia Independence 4-0 to win the 2010 WPS Championship!!

Was an early game, 11:30am start, in 80+ degree weather at Pioneer Stadium, but a great one for the Pride! With over 5,000 fans!

Started out with a 16th minute goal from Christine Sinclair

Then a 28th minute goal from defender Kandace Wilson (her first goal!) with an assist from Marta

Then Sinclair netted it again in the 53rd with an assist from Marta.

Then in stoppage time Kandace Wilson returned the favor and provided the assist for Marta, her 20th goal this year.

In league-wide results:
WPS Citi Sportswoman of the year: Chicago Red Stars' Natalie Spilger - she started her own non-profit check it out!

WPS Rookie of the Year: FC Gold Pride's Ali Riley

WPS Player of the Year: FC Gold Pride's Marta

And the Golden Boot Award: FC Gold Pride's Marta

What a way to end such a spectacular season. It's been such a fun ride photographing them this year! The team, management and owners all deserve this win. And the WPS deserves to have such great soccer being played here in the US with the best players in the world! I don't know how this year can be topped (especially for Gold Pride) but I'm looking forward to next season!!

Congratulations FC Gold Pride! Photos up on

On the Road - To Sequoia

For those who don't know, I'm on the road. My cousin, Lindsay is getting married next Friday in Dallas and I decided to make a trip out of it.

My only real destination is to be in Albuquerque on Monday the 4th to watch the beginnings of the Dawn Patrol in Albuquerque on the 5th, and be in Dallas by Thursday the 7th. Other than that, it's where the road takes us!

For this trip, I am bringing only my new fixed 50mm macro lens. I haven't had much free time to play around with it, and what better excuse?

First stop, was in Vacaville, to capture the burrowing owls... I hope these little guys aren't the extent of my nature photos, and I'm already feeling worried that I should have brought a longer lens!

Next, some corn along the side of the road just outside Vacaville to make sure the macro works and I don't have to turn back around.

Then the real fun begins. In Sequoia National Park. Cool storm, you can see the rain falling!

While in the final leg of Sequoia, we got stopped and told we missed the last pass through by 6 minutes and needed to wait an hour. A section of the road is one way due to sliding/renovating. Bummer! But, as luck would have it, we (and the 30+ cars behind us) were all entertained by this bear and his 2 friends who were picking berries in the trees.

Definitely wishing I had brought my 70-200 for this bear (300mm would be impractical) and my wide for these scenery shots, but oh well!

In "I tend to be ridiculous" news, when packing for this trip, I decided I should wear Texas, Native American, Southerwestern themed earrings... embarassingly, I had more earrings that I do days of travel. Here's Day 1, yeehaw:

I will be posting all photos up at now and putting up the full set when I get back to the bay.

September 22, 2010

Cal Football vs UNR

As blog readers know, I headed up to Reno via train for the Cal football game at University of Nevada Reno. Was a pretty rough 52-31 win for UNR.

Interesting anecdote, when arriving at the stadium with the team, I asked someone with the UNR staff whether there was a photo work room, or if I should go up in the press box with other media. On his radio, he asked his supervisor "Is there a place for the Cal photographer?... Do you still call them photographers if they're women?" So to clarify in case anyone else was wondering, yes, I refer to myself as a photographer, not a photographera.

One play, Marc Anthony forced the fumble on Rishard Matthews but it was ruled that Matthews recovered in the endzone, and it counted for a touchdown. Was still a cool series though.

The positives from this game, Shane Vereen and Marvin Jones had great games!

Marvin had career high 12 catches for 161 yards and Shane had career high 198 rushing, and career tie 3 touchdowns.

Another highlight, I was able to visit with some friends and family in Reno. This is the third time traveling with Cal has sent me to places where cousins live. There was the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl game in Fort Worth where I visited my cousin Lindsay. Then the Washington State game where I was able to visit my cousin Sarah who lived a block away from our hotel in Moscow, Idaho. And now my two cousins Matt and Arinn in Reno! Maybe Cal will play in Hawaii so I can visit my Aunt Rupa =)

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September 18, 2010

Cal Women's Basketball

Headed to Haas to shoot women's basketball today. After their marketing photos by Mollie McClure we headed outside for a team shot on the steps of Haas. It's always fun to mix it up and not necessarily always have the team photo in the gym. And thankfully the sky was beautifully overcast!

Then inside for some head shots.

And of course a little fun =)

Hope these ladies have a great 2010-2011 season!

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