April 25, 2010

3 Bears drafted NFL

Congratulations to Tyson Alualu, Jahvid Best and SydQuan Thompson for making it to the big league! Here’s a photo of Jahvid taken pre-season last year. He was such a champ, he posed for TONS of shots for JT, running, jumping, etc without complaints, and kindly posed for me as well afterwards!

April 23, 2010

Men's Crew Head Shots Interrupted

Ha! So we scheduled the Cal Men’s Crew head shots for 9-10:30 April 19 on April 6… who knew the bizarre events that would interfere with our plan. I woke up early to beat bridge traffic parked by 8am, left my car at 8:30 (I’m a notorious car sitter) and started getting set up by the baseball field, Evans Diamond. The grounds guy told me I can be on the dirt but not the grass… ok, no big deal. Then a police officer came up to tell me I needed to evacuate, the area needed to be cleared by 9:30 because Bill Gates was going to be landing by helicopter on the field! Crazy! When he landed I text my dad the tail number. The helicopter was owned by a corporation in Alameda which means Bill Gates must have flown into Oakland, then taken a helicopter from Oakland to Berkeley. Seems a little ridiculous to me, but, who knows, maybe if I had all that money I’d do the same! Except I’d have my dad be the pilot =)

Thankfully Tim had also reserved the club room, and the club room had a pretty nice solid white wall!

Packed up and headed to my car… only to find another crew guy roaming the halls of Haas lost at 11:45… so I did the fastest set up in my history and got his head shot as well. Even though he didn’t have a polo. Must have missed the memo haha!

April 18, 2010

FC Gold Pride defeats Sky Blue FC 3-1

What a great home opener!!

I cover the local Bay Area Women’s Professional Soccer Team, FC Gold Pride. Last year was the inaggural WPS season, this year we are back for more. Gold Pride got Brazil’s Marta (only the best women’s soccer player in the world!) when LA Sol went under. They also got Kelley O’Hara in the draft from Stanford. Despite any Cal-Stanford rivalry, I obviously am a big fan of Kelley, not only because she’s good but her name is Kelley… WITH the “e”!!

Anyways, was their home opener last night. Christine Sinclair (who recently scored her 100th goal with the Canadian National Team) scored in the first half. Sky Blue tied it up in the second but then Sinclair scored again and then Marta scored to end the game 3-1. Was a GREAT crowd, GREAT atmosphere, GREAT game, GREAT everything.

It was tough because they are starting their season playing at Castro Valley High School. It’s a beautiful facility but the lighting is not designed for photographers. But I was still happy to have a night game because that meant I could attend both the game and my grandma’s 80th birthday party in the afternoon! Happy Birthday Grandma! Was great to see so much family come out, up and over to celebrate with her.

All my photos are up on ISIphotos.com as well as WomensProSoccer.com and FCGoldPride.com

April 11, 2010

WPS Kick-Off

Tonight was a busy one! Why? Because it was the start of the 2010 WPS (Women’s Professional Soccer) Season! Though there was only one game, this also coincided with the kickoff to my position as editor. Yes, I am back again. I’m really grateful for my continued involvement with ISI (International Sports Images) and am even more grateful for some of the changes that took place over the off season. My boss worked with a photographer, Andrew Katsampes who also happens to be a web genius! I have trouble learning HTML, CSS, and java for my little website, and they were able to create a brand new upload software within the site from scratch! Now photographers can upload direct and I don’t have to sit around refreshing my FTP client waiting for images to upload, so I can download, edit, and upload to the site. This cuts out a step of me being able to correct captions, white balance, etc, but it cuts out the step of me being a middle man. Captions can be edited through the site, and if the color balance is just waaaay off we can ask them to edit and re-upload. Right now it’s a little tough because we are working with some new photographers, on a new upload, and still trying to get everyone on the same page, but I’m looking forward to the season!
Here’s a link to the gallery shot by ISI and WPS Team photographer Tony Quinn:http://www.womensprosoccer.com/photos/Matches/2010%20Season/100410-wsh-bos.aspx

April 10, 2010

Moving my blog!

Exciting news.... this blog is now moving to www.kelleylcox.com/blog

Please redirect there for all future postings

blogger, you've been good to me, but it's time to host my own blog =)

New Blog! =)

Man, it has been a minute since I posted. Well, only 2 weeks but that’s my new favorite phrase. =)
Can my excuse be because I was working on a new blog platform? I am now officially blogging through my own subdomain www.kelleylcox.com/blog. The good news is, I was able to import my blogger blog so no one will miss out on all the adventures from January and on.
I’m actually totally going to cheat here and put up posts with the dates I shot them as opposed to the dates I wrote about them. Any feedback on whether you like/don’t like that idea? Doing it for now… wanna read what I’ve been up to… look at the blogs below =)

*Update: I'm now back on blogger haha... that didn't last too long

April 8, 2010

Stacey's Birthday!

Jumping for joy because today is my sister’s birthday! Yay! Should you happen to know her, be sure to wish her a good one =)

April 7, 2010

Coach Diane Ninemire's 1000th Career Win

So the morning of my rugby shoot, I get an email that if softball wins, it will be the coach’s 1,000th career win. Just try saying “one-thousanth”… that’s a tongue twister! So if I could, please go shoot it after rugby team photos. Rugby team photos were going to start at 3:45 and softball started at 3. Team shots usually take about an hour. So 4:30, actually a little bit early, I packed up and started heading over to softball. The field is right behind the rugby field so no big deal. As Anton was helping me put my light set in my car he’s telling me I should probably hurry because softball isn’t that long. I’m thinking, c’mon I’ve been to baseball games that last 4 hours, I got time. Well turns out softball is a lot shorter than baseball! I hustled over to the field, just for good measure, and as I roll up, people are leaving!! I ask the first person “is the game over?” … “yeah”… I ask the second person with a little more concern, “did Cal win?” they excited reply “yeah!” Normally this would be great news but instead it was “oh shoot!” as I run, leave my purse and rolly bag just inside the stadium and run to the field with my wide. Sure enough, I got there JUST in time to see coach get flowers and silly stringed! An official presentation won’t happen until next game but I’m glad I was able to get something!! Haha. Learned my lesson and thankfully not the hard way!

Cal Rugby Team Photo

After rescheduling due to rain and other conflicts since January (!?!?!) finally was able to do the rugby team photo.
Rugby is one of my favorite sports to shoot just because it can be so graphic. At Cal it’s also one of my favorite sports because it makes sales!! Cal Rugby SID Anton is incredibly support of GoldenBearSports.comand promotes our images. They are also great at always coordinating parking and working around my schedule, so I am definitely a rugby fan!
Anyways, did the team shoot. Rugby has it so “together” the players carry the bleachers to my desired location based on sun, and then all 60+ are arranged by Coach Billups in a matter of minutes. I have a hard time coordinating a 15 person team into a reasonable team photo! It was a little bitter sweet because it was taken at the Witter Rugby Field. They have already played there final home game on the field and it is now being tore up and made into turf as a football practice field while Memorial Stadium gets all it’s retrofitting, construction and whatnot. It is believe it will be a couple of years before rugby plays there again, in the meantime, they will be playing at local high schools.
Afterwards, I wanted to get some shots of the team captains. Eric FryColin Hawley and Keegan Engelbrecthave been a core part of this team since freshman. Hopefully they’ll win the National Championship this year which slipped them last year, but has been theirs 20 times in the last 27 seasons. No joke!! Good luck lads ;-)