April 11, 2010

WPS Kick-Off

Tonight was a busy one! Why? Because it was the start of the 2010 WPS (Women’s Professional Soccer) Season! Though there was only one game, this also coincided with the kickoff to my position as editor. Yes, I am back again. I’m really grateful for my continued involvement with ISI (International Sports Images) and am even more grateful for some of the changes that took place over the off season. My boss worked with a photographer, Andrew Katsampes who also happens to be a web genius! I have trouble learning HTML, CSS, and java for my little website, and they were able to create a brand new upload software within the site from scratch! Now photographers can upload direct and I don’t have to sit around refreshing my FTP client waiting for images to upload, so I can download, edit, and upload to the site. This cuts out a step of me being able to correct captions, white balance, etc, but it cuts out the step of me being a middle man. Captions can be edited through the site, and if the color balance is just waaaay off we can ask them to edit and re-upload. Right now it’s a little tough because we are working with some new photographers, on a new upload, and still trying to get everyone on the same page, but I’m looking forward to the season!
Here’s a link to the gallery shot by ISI and WPS Team photographer Tony Quinn:http://www.womensprosoccer.com/photos/Matches/2010%20Season/100410-wsh-bos.aspx

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