May 29, 2010

Toronto FC defeats San Jose Earthquakes 3-1

Ouch! I was so looking forward to the Quakes game Saturday because I hadn't covered a game since their opener, either because of FC Gold Pride games or Cal Rugby. They were on a win-tie streak too. Unfortunately that streak ended. The score doesn't really show how incredibly exciting the game was. The 3rd goal was in stoppage time after goalkeeper Joe Cannon joined the playing field. But... Toronto keeper is none other than Cal alum Stefan Frei, so I was happy to see him have a good game!

Was still a great game to shoot, and to make it more fun, my mom and grandma came too. I think my mom follows me and where I am on the field more than the ball, but that's a mom for ya! =)

They play again Wednesday so I'm redirecting my enthusiasm for that game! Go Quakes!

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*On another note, big props to USA soccer defeating Turkey for the first time in history, in the friendly send-off series. I wasn't shooting it, but I was cheering them on from the TV. Safe travels and good luck at World Cup!!

May 8, 2010

FC Gold Pride defeats Chicago Red Stars 2-0

Another win for FC Gold Pride!! No. 1 in WPS standings and still undefeated at home!

Tiffeny Milbrett scored the first goal. Was a bit of a redemption goal as she had missed the PK, but this was even sweeter. Great shot and totally loco to think she’s 37! You wouldn’t know it by her body, her face or the way she plays. Dang girl!

Kelley O’Hara (woo for the “e-y”) scored her first WPS career goal, how appropriate considering it was Stanford standout night!

They don’t have another home game until June 5th so let’s hope they have strong road games!

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May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy =)

On a non-photo related note, Happy Birthday to my dad! =) Here’s a photo of lil Billy as a boy. So cute!

May 6, 2010

Cal Academic Honors Luncheon

Every year Cal hosts a luncheon at Pauley Ballroom on campus to honor athletes with GPA 3.25 or higher. And every year I photograph it =)

It’s pretty incredible to be MVP of the Pac-10 Championship Basketball Team after two intensive hip surgeries… it’s also pretty incredible to get a 4.0 for 3 straight semesters at any college, especially the “number 1 public university. It’s AMAZING to do both at the same time!!

Listening to the stories of these athletes always makes me feel like I am a lazy both physically and mentally haha.

Jill Costello, who I’ve previously mentioned in this blog, was the student speaker, and just incredible! Her strength and upbeat attitude while facing lung cancer is just BEYOND! I was definitely tearing up during her speech, but I know she will continue to fight and beat cancer!
On a more entertaining note:

Cal Alum, water polo player, not to mention millionaire, and primary sponsor of SF’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, Warren Hellman, was the keynote speaker. He was really fun to listen to and had some good advice:continue to play sports, even if it’s not the sport you play now. For the physical and mental benefits. He went from water polo, to running, to endurance horseback riding (?!?) So now, even though I was clearly never an NCAA athlete, I need to find a sport to embrace… any suggestions? =)

May 5, 2010

Cal Rugby National Championship Book

Spent the last few days creating a book using Blurp and their BookSmart software to commemorate the Cal Rugby National Championship. GBS has tried making books for Field Hockey and Volleyball. I wasn’t really involved in the process of either. It’s actually pretty fun (though time consuming) to create a book.
A picture speaks a thousand words… so if you can arrange pictures in a specific order you can really tell a story.
I hope people like/buy the book and this can be a new venture for GBS.
Check it out here:

May 1, 2010

Cal Rugby Wins National Championship!

After a fun day of sailing I headed down to Stanford to shoot the Rugby National Collegiate Championship game, Cal vs BYU. For those of you who follow rugby, you might remember it was BYU who beat Cal last year. This year, Cal won!! It was definitely one of the most intense rugby matches I’ve seen. I don’t know how any of the players were able to walk after the game!!

After an undefeated 26-0 season, Cal really showed what they’re made of and pulled through to beat BYU 19-7.

I can’t really describe the intensity or the emotion in this match, but hopefully my pictures speak 1,000 words =)