May 8, 2010

FC Gold Pride defeats Chicago Red Stars 2-0

Another win for FC Gold Pride!! No. 1 in WPS standings and still undefeated at home!

Tiffeny Milbrett scored the first goal. Was a bit of a redemption goal as she had missed the PK, but this was even sweeter. Great shot and totally loco to think she’s 37! You wouldn’t know it by her body, her face or the way she plays. Dang girl!

Kelley O’Hara (woo for the “e-y”) scored her first WPS career goal, how appropriate considering it was Stanford standout night!

They don’t have another home game until June 5th so let’s hope they have strong road games!

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  1. Is that last photo of Christine Sinclair? Not sure if she plays for that team...but it looks a lot like her! Great photos!

  2. Sure is! Didn't realize how much Portland Pilots were representing on FC Gold Pride! haha, crazy!