March 31, 2011

14th Annual CCCAA Convention

Spent two days at the Marriott San Mateo photographing the 14th Annual CCCAA Convention. CCCAA being the California Community College Athletic Association.

There were three great events to honor students, alumni and staff.

First was the Scholar Athletes Luncheon to recognize outstanding achievements by students. Be it, transforming from an average student to part of the <1.5% transfer students accepted to Stanford, or a student who overcame drug addition and moved on to a 4 year university.

Next was the Hall of Fame dinner to recognize outstanding achievements of Community College graduates. An impressive class to say the least!

Finally was the Honoring Our Own Luncheon to acknowledge the efforts of Community College coaches, teachers, and support staff.

Though I went straight to Cal from high school, I think there's something to be said for the community college path. It saves you money, allows you more time to develop as a young adult with opportunities to take a variety of classes in order to discover your passion, and provides a great community for the foundation of your future.

March 28, 2011

MLB: Giants defeat A's 4-3

Exciting news all around everybody! I've started working with Icon Sports Media... and my first assignment... MLB Oakland A's at San Francisco Giants!

Being a general bay girl, I was a little torn on who I wanted to win. But after having such a great time at McCovey Cove  during World Series, learning the stories of the band of misfits, and their colors matching my birthday (well Halloween colors, but same difference) I had to hope for a Giants victory... and I got it, 4-3 over the A's.

Though it wasn't my first time at AT&T, or even baseball at AT&T it was my first time for an MLB game. I showed up three hours early, felt the relief of my name being on the credential list, wandered around the stadium, then decided to set up in one of the photo wells (below field level area for photographers) then moved to a different photo well the other side because starting pitcher Matt Cain is a righty.

I was expecting to see some of the regular guys I see at NCAA events, hoping I could get a quick run down from them to avoid stepping on anyone's toes, be it big toes or pinky toes. But it was almost all Japanese media for A's player Hideki Matsui... equally unfamiliar with shooting in the land of giants.

Then I spotted Jason O. Watson. He immediately offered to show me the ropes and I'm hugely thankful for him taking me under his wing with helpful tips as I get my bearings. As it got closer to game time, I spotted some other familiar faces and properly introduced myself to others I only knew through the photographer grapevine, like Giants team photographer Andy Kuno.

Unfortunately The Beard was not there as he's still in Scottsdale recovering from an injury. But there was still A Beard... Sergio Romo's.

Aubrey Huff had an exciting out of the park home run which was ALMOST a splash hit!

I'm very grateful for the opportunities that are starting to come together and I'm excited looking forward! Teaser... this is not the only exciting thing that will be happening for me this week!! =)

March 26, 2011

Mexico defeats Paraguay 3-1

Headed over to the Oakland Coliseum today for a fun Mexico vs Paraguay game.

Mexico defeated Paraguay 3-1 and it was a celebration!!

Now I'm off to do my own celebrating for my friend's birthday. Have a great weekend! =)

March 25, 2011

UAA Track and Field at the Stanford Invite

Headed over to Stanford today to photograph the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves.

Here's a quick glimpse of some photos before I upload the full set.

March 22, 2011

Cheerleaders of the WCC

WooHoo! I'm done editing my thousands of images from the WCC and celebrating with the much anticipated blog dedicated to the cheerleaders, or dance team, or spirit squad, whatever you want to call them =)

I had a great time photographing their different performances throughout the tournament.

I love the spunky-ness and the attitude.

And looking really smiley yelling go -so and so-! Regardless of the score.

There were also some adorable lil cheerleaders in training. So cute!

 I will say, Gonzaga, who won the basketball tournament men's and women's, would have also won if there was a cheer competition.

They had cute little dances, male and female cheerleaders, who genuinely were having fun.

And had CRAZY stunts.

Even the bulldog went up on an extension!

I have a special place in my heart for cheerleaders because, believe it or not.... I used to be one!!! Haha!! Who ya rootin for? Vaca High School!

Dating back to Jr. Bulldogs... so awkward and scrawny =)

Thanks to my dad for sending these over =)