July 31, 2011

Baby Birds!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my tweet about the robin's nest at my parents house, taken through my dad's hand designed mirror because it was too high up.

Well guess what? After wonderful protection from the mother (and my mother with a squirt gun prepared to fend off anything while the mama bird left the nest) they hatched!!

I was hoping they'd be cute and fuzzy like chicks... but they look like birds.

Though now that I'm looking at them again, they are pretty cute =)

July 30, 2011

DC United defeat the San Jose Earthquakes 2-0

Headed over to Buck Shaw Stadium for the Quakes vs DC United game.

This was particularly exciting because I am now shooting for goal.com! I have been shooting Quakes for ISIphotos on spec for the last few years, but the owner became uncomfortable with me maintaining an archive of my images on my photos.kelleylcox.com site, and recommended I find a way to shoot on my own credential.

As luck would have it, I received a tweet (yes, social media works!) from Shane Evans, one of the senior editors at Goal.com who had seen and used my work in the past and was interested in having me shoot for goal.com.

The conversation led to emails to firm up details so I could ensure a non-exclusive agreement, where I unquestionably maintained my copyright... and now I am shooting Quakes on my own credential! Hurray!

To be sure I am not burning any bridges with ISI, I also ensured my agreement with goal.com, to allow me to contribute images to ISIphotos so you will still find my photos there also=)

Win Win!!

Though it was a lose, lose for Quakes and Dwayne DeRosario scored twice for DC United without an answer from the Quakes =(

Thanks to Shane for reaching out to me!

July 29, 2011

49ers Training Camp

Headed over to the 49ers headquarters and training facility again for the first day of camp!

Football is really back, and everybody is happy!

Alex Smith has yet to ink his contract so was out there with the guys but couldn't dress for practice.

Michael Crabtree was walking around with a boot on his foot, but will hopefully be back to form soon.

Dressed and ready to learn, draft pick, Aldon Smith.

It's great to see Jim Harbaugh at the helm of the 49ers organization.

Though a Cal Bear for life, there's no arguing Harbaugh did wonders for the Stanford Football program. And it's exciting to see that he can work with some of his former players. Here taking the snap from Stanford center Chase Beeler, while instructing rookie QB Colin Kaepernick.

Also cool to see Vernon Davis, getting his work out in. And a relief to see a lot of the players kept and improved on their form during the downtime of the lockout.

As Patrick Willis mentioned, it's great for their bodies to take a break from the hits, both during the break, and in the new agreement to eliminate double days of pad practice, ie hitting. Gives their bodies a chance to recover and work on form and strategy which will ultimately help the game.

I spotted this on the door and felt like it was simple yet inspirational. Whether you are playing football or not, it's important to remind yourself what your priorities are and how you need to take care of them.

Serena Williams defeats Maria Sharapova 6-1, 6-3

Headed back to the Bank of the West Classic for a big name match up between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.

Williams seemed to be the crowd favorite, and what a crowd there was!

Williams came out strong and quickly put away Sharapova 6-1, 6-3.

Though a tough loss, I'm sure it won't slow down Sharapova both on the court and with all of her successful designer collections and advertisements.

One thing that made me laugh in the press conference. Reporters asked Maria whether she felt Williams was her rival, she replied how she doesn't see it as a rivalry, both meet each other on the tour often, and both promoting women's athletics, specifically women's tennis... Williams asked the same question "oh yeah, everyone I play is my rival!" Haha

July 26, 2011

Announcement: Zenfolio Affiliate!!

SUPER exciting news. I am now officially a Zenfolio affiliate!!!

What does this mean to you? Anyone who opens a Zenfolio account can use my code Y18-2EM-88X, or just click directly on any links or logos below, and receive 10% off your subscription!

What is Zenfolio? Well, can check out their site, but my take on them:

Great photo hosting, presentation, storage, selling for amateurs and professionals. Packages start as low as $25/yr and go up to $250/yr (or $22.50-$225 with my 10% off code)

My favorite features
-Unlimited Storage - it's inevitable you're hard drive will crash at some point, get over it and accept cloud storage is where it's at
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And the discounts don't stop there. All Zenfolio members receive:
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Whether you use Zenfolio to share your family photos online somewhere safe, secure and not facebook, use as an archive, or intend to use it to grow your photo business, it works!!

If you have any questions about starting a Zenfolio, don't hesitate to contact me!

NFL Lockout is Over

The world resumes as we know it! The lockout is over!! Gates were opened at 7am for players to come into camp. For the 49ers this meant meeting the new coach, and a couple players took advantage of that opportunity.

This was a bit of a last minute request and I felt a little odd stalking out the training facility hoping players would come by, but it was made bearable by the TV crews. As the only still photographer, I appreciate the video guys were there so I knew I was in the right place, and also not make me appear so bizarre. I anticipated tons of media covering it, but alas it was just me and them!

And a HUGE shoutout to Joe Fonzi. A celebrity of sorts in the bay area for his sports coverage on KTVU 2, he was unassuming and friendly. Maybe all reporters are as approachable and Anchor Man has jaded me to think all reporters are Ron Burgundy. Unbeknownst to him, he was my hero for the day. As the players drove through in their fancy cars, he was the one to flag em down, get them to roll down their windows and chat. And even helped work with 49ers media relations to get Patrick Willis out for an interview 1) It's a lot easier to photograph someone editorially when they are already being interviewed 2) I would never be the personality to grab a player's attention in a non-game situation. So thanks Joe Fonzi!!

On a side note. Though we might roll our eyes at the drama surrounding the lockout when "it's just a game" we don't realize the trickle down effects having/not having a professional football team would have. For example Richard Genoff, the Head Groundskeeper for the 49ers and winner of Sports Turf Managers Associations Professional Football Field of the Year in 2006! In the sports turf industry for over 30 years, these stories are how sports become so much more than a game.

Glad everyone is back at work =)

July 25, 2011

Oakland A's defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 7-5

After Bank of the West Classic, headed straight to the O.co Coliseum for the Oakland A's against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Oakland came up with a nice 7-5 win.

Cheers all around =)

Bank of the West Classic First Round

Headed over to the Taube Family Tennis Stadium today for the Bank of the West Classic.

Starting in 1971, the week-long tournament is the oldest women's only tennis tournament! Girl Power!!

What's kind of special about this, I photographed the Bank of the West Classic in 2007 for the Palo Alto Weekly. And now I'm right back where I started, but in a totally different "place"... feeling much better than this.

Also, this year's tournament attracted big names like Maria Sharapova and though she didn't play today, she did hold a press conference. I must say, I was surprised at how honest and elegant she was with the media both in her responses and general attitude. And though a press conference photo doesn't do her justice, she is every bit as beautiful in real life as she is in all the ads!