September 28, 2011

Colorado Rockies defeat the San Francisco Giants 6-3

Headed over to AT&T for the final Giants game of the season.

Both teams out of the playoffs, the Rockies defeated the Giants 6-3.

I found myself drawn to dugout photos even more than usual.

Not just for Pablo Sandoval as per usual.

And Brian Wilson playing with fake snakes.

But for the moment of Pat Burrell

After being taken out of what might very well be the final game of his career after a foot injury which might force him to retire. Tearing up as he came into the dugout to high five teammates.

And stepped out of the dugout to acknowledge fans again.

At the start of this season, though very excited to be working with new agencies and photographing Giants and A's, I didn't completely understand or appreciate baseball. I'm not sure I'll ever understand all the intricacies, but I have to admit I fell in love with baseball this summer and am already missing even the extra innings, in twelve layers of clothes to match the layers of fog days at the ballpark. Thanks for the memories!

September 25, 2011

Oakland Raiders defeat the New York Jets 34-24

Headed over to Coliseum for Oakland Raiders vs the New York Jets.

After two pre-season games, this was the first regular season NFL game I've photographed, and they gave me an exciting one!

Started with the usual pre-game warm up shots of the quarterbacks. Mark Sanchez.

Then the second round of pre-game where they were actually in their helmets. Jason Campbell.

But nothing beats the intensity of in game shots.

Raiders got off to a great start with what became the Darren McFadden show, totalling 171 yards and 2 touchdowns to help defeat the Jets 34-24.

But it was certainly a team effort.

Sometimes you are so focused on the quarterback you don't realize everyone who is protecting the quarterback... and trying to get at the quarterback!

Not to say Jets lacked effort. Especially as Patrick Turner and Isaiah Trufant who both went diving in the endzone to try and stop the punt from going into the endzone.

Some people think the Raider fans at the game are scary.

But it's actually a family friendly environment

And the players enjoy the game as well!

But I will say the Jets had a pretty cool fan at the game.

That's right, Adam Sandler!!

Oh, and here's a cheerleader!

September 24, 2011

Cal State East Bay 50th Anniversary BBQ

Headed over to Cal State East Bay today for their 50th Anniversary barbecue for their athletics program.

It was a great event for families, friends, players and coaches to reconnect.

CSU East Bay President was there with his wife.

And spoke on reconnecting with the alumni/athletic community

Was cute to see this baby all squirmy.

Then kissed.

And suddenly he was happy!

I'm looking forward to covering more events for Cal State East Bay. Been missing the campus, and soccer field from when I photographed FC Gold Pride there last season.

Big thanks to Anna-Oleson Wheeler who I worked with at Cal who connected me to Kelly Hayes at CSU East Bay!

Full set up at:

September 23, 2011

San Jose Sharks defeat the Anaheim Ducks 5-1

Headed down to HP Pavilion for the Sharks vs the Ducks.

Being just my second hockey game, I was still getting my bearings.

Hockey moves so fast, and it's kind of scary. I stick my lens through a small hole to photograph the game, but the angle only allows certain areas of the rink, so you just have to hope the action passes within your available plane.

I'm still getting used to the players slamming against the wall. In other sports I have to move out of their way. Hockey, I have to make sure my lens isn't out and I don't get bumped, but am otherwise protected. Still when they slam against the wall in front of me, I still kind of duck (and or lean to the extent that I fall off my stool and some of the fans laugh at me) but I guess if the glass is strong enough to prevent these Shark attacks, I should be ok.

My action was alright, though there's certainly room for improvement.

But I captured one fight and was excited...

Little did I know I was in for another!

And an even better one after that, so exciting!!

Sharks defeated the Ducks 5-1. I guess they really aren't the Mighty Ducks anymore.

Still I was half expecting Emilio Estevez to come out of nowhere. But alas, just coach Randy Carlyle.

Excited to shoot more games this season!