May 6, 2010

Cal Academic Honors Luncheon

Every year Cal hosts a luncheon at Pauley Ballroom on campus to honor athletes with GPA 3.25 or higher. And every year I photograph it =)

It’s pretty incredible to be MVP of the Pac-10 Championship Basketball Team after two intensive hip surgeries… it’s also pretty incredible to get a 4.0 for 3 straight semesters at any college, especially the “number 1 public university. It’s AMAZING to do both at the same time!!

Listening to the stories of these athletes always makes me feel like I am a lazy both physically and mentally haha.

Jill Costello, who I’ve previously mentioned in this blog, was the student speaker, and just incredible! Her strength and upbeat attitude while facing lung cancer is just BEYOND! I was definitely tearing up during her speech, but I know she will continue to fight and beat cancer!
On a more entertaining note:

Cal Alum, water polo player, not to mention millionaire, and primary sponsor of SF’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, Warren Hellman, was the keynote speaker. He was really fun to listen to and had some good advice:continue to play sports, even if it’s not the sport you play now. For the physical and mental benefits. He went from water polo, to running, to endurance horseback riding (?!?) So now, even though I was clearly never an NCAA athlete, I need to find a sport to embrace… any suggestions? =)

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