April 7, 2010

Cal Rugby Team Photo

After rescheduling due to rain and other conflicts since January (!?!?!) finally was able to do the rugby team photo.
Rugby is one of my favorite sports to shoot just because it can be so graphic. At Cal it’s also one of my favorite sports because it makes sales!! Cal Rugby SID Anton is incredibly support of GoldenBearSports.comand promotes our images. They are also great at always coordinating parking and working around my schedule, so I am definitely a rugby fan!
Anyways, did the team shoot. Rugby has it so “together” the players carry the bleachers to my desired location based on sun, and then all 60+ are arranged by Coach Billups in a matter of minutes. I have a hard time coordinating a 15 person team into a reasonable team photo! It was a little bitter sweet because it was taken at the Witter Rugby Field. They have already played there final home game on the field and it is now being tore up and made into turf as a football practice field while Memorial Stadium gets all it’s retrofitting, construction and whatnot. It is believe it will be a couple of years before rugby plays there again, in the meantime, they will be playing at local high schools.
Afterwards, I wanted to get some shots of the team captains. Eric FryColin Hawley and Keegan Engelbrecthave been a core part of this team since freshman. Hopefully they’ll win the National Championship this year which slipped them last year, but has been theirs 20 times in the last 27 seasons. No joke!! Good luck lads ;-)

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