January 2, 2010

Cal Men's Basketball beats Stanford 92-66

Had a great day today with one HUGE stupid mistake!

Started off lovely meeting mom and grandma in Concord for shopping and lunch then headed to Berkeley to shoot Cal Men's Basketball vs Stanford. All was going swimmingly until I realized I COMPLETELY FORGOT my camera batteries. I had charged them last night and placed them on my chair. Being responsible and over-prepared, I packed my charger... being stupid and forgetful, I did not bring any of the 3 batteries I own... ahhh!!! Series of:
confusion: where are my batteries?
freak out: I forgot my batteries!
self-loathing: I am so stupid!!
problem solving: what can I do? Any nearby photo stores, who can I call?
frustration: no luck!!
self pity: waaaahhh
mom calling: ahhh!
proud: I cannot ask another photographer if they have spares, that's embarrassing
acceptance: I am not too proud
luck: another photographer has spares and will let me borrow
relief: everything is going to be ok

In the end Jeff Chiu lent me 2 batteries and my mom (being the amazingly devoted, supportive, and "take care of my babies" mama she is) packed my grandma in the car and drove to Calumet to buy one, despite having no clue of what to buy, but figuring it out... only for any of those needed to be charged before use.

I cannot express how amazing it is that someone in this industry, who is, in some sense, a competition as we are both shooting the same game (though him AP and me for Cal) is so generous and kind to let some silly girl borrow his batteries!! I don't know if all photographers are part of such a supportive community or if I am just lucky to have always encountered those photographers so far.

Game resulted in a great 92-66 game for Cal. Max Zhang had a GREAT game. And I got some good photos. Check out the full set at GoldenBearSports.com

Pre-game, gettin juiced!

Jerome going to the rim

Montgomery and Rome... so glad he's coaching Cal and no longer Stanford

Jerome and Max post game... quite a height difference between "5'10'" (though there's no way he has 2 inches on me) and a legit "7'3"

Nikola and Harper being goofy post-game

Jorge went down in the first half and didn't return. Hope it's nothing too serious and he has a quick recovery!

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