January 17, 2010

Cal Women's Basketball vs Washington State

Yesterday I headed to Cal to shoot Women's Basketball vs Washington State. I headed over early because marketing needed some shots of the court to use as a background for different designs. It was cool to get some shots of an empty Haas Pavilion.

The women beat WSU 75-68. Was a pretty exciting game. A little too exciting for me, I was trying to get a wide angle shot, so I was sitting right next to the basket and 3 girls came flying off the court and onto me. I kind of wrapped up in the fetal position to protect camera and then they all had to get up and untangle themselves off of me. So embarrassing! Even the referee had to ask if I was ok. Thankfully there were no injury's to the girls, my camera, or myself.

The women are great this year though, a lot of new players. Eliza Pierre and Layshia Claredon are going to be GREAT players at Cal. Starting freshman and playing with such heart and flair, gotta love it.

One of my favorite things about shooting Cal Basketball is turning on and off the strobes before each game. I get to go up on the catwalk. At first it was a little intimidating and spooky looking down, but now it's no big deal and just like walking anywhere else. To get to the strobes, I have to take the elevator up to the top, then go up a set of stairs to the roof, walk around to the side door that leads to the catwalk. What's so great, is from the roof, on a clear day, you can see all of the city. Every time I go up there, I always walk around the side, check out the view, or just feels the breeze and see the fog, breathe it in, and head back into the gym. Next clear day I'll try to remember to bring my camera with me. Until then, here's a look:

Sorry this post is a lil long and late. Will try to continue with day-of posts!

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