January 10, 2010

Computer Work

Today I got to do the less-than thrilling but ultimately necessary computer work.

Did some work to update the header on GoldenBearSports.com to switch it from it's old logo to this one. Now it matches our Twitter badge (above)

Also, starting up the facebook page for GBS, check it out here

This also means I get to be the weirdo that starts adding athletes at random so I can tag them. Idea is, if the player knows we exist, they tell their parents, and the parents buy the pictures!! Not sure how effective it is, but awareness is always beneficial.

Also, was able to have fellow photographer, Alexis Cuarezma, help give me feedback on my site. He said the same thing my sister said about adding a photo to the "about me" section. I think I will add this one because it doesn't actually show my face haha. What do you think?

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