April 7, 2010

Coach Diane Ninemire's 1000th Career Win

So the morning of my rugby shoot, I get an email that if softball wins, it will be the coach’s 1,000th career win. Just try saying “one-thousanth”… that’s a tongue twister! So if I could, please go shoot it after rugby team photos. Rugby team photos were going to start at 3:45 and softball started at 3. Team shots usually take about an hour. So 4:30, actually a little bit early, I packed up and started heading over to softball. The field is right behind the rugby field so no big deal. As Anton was helping me put my light set in my car he’s telling me I should probably hurry because softball isn’t that long. I’m thinking, c’mon I’ve been to baseball games that last 4 hours, I got time. Well turns out softball is a lot shorter than baseball! I hustled over to the field, just for good measure, and as I roll up, people are leaving!! I ask the first person “is the game over?” … “yeah”… I ask the second person with a little more concern, “did Cal win?” they excited reply “yeah!” Normally this would be great news but instead it was “oh shoot!” as I run, leave my purse and rolly bag just inside the stadium and run to the field with my wide. Sure enough, I got there JUST in time to see coach get flowers and silly stringed! An official presentation won’t happen until next game but I’m glad I was able to get something!! Haha. Learned my lesson and thankfully not the hard way!

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