August 25, 2010

Cal Field Hockey Head Shots & Team Photos

Headed over to Maxwell Field today to photograph Cal Field Hockey... only problem was, the Cal Band was using the field, so we had to do a lil improv.

Thankfully, right next to Maxwell is Bowles Hall, which ended up being ideal because there was some nice shade so we didn't have to battle the 5pm sun. The only drawback is, Maxwell is a very green turf field, whereas the lawn in front of Bowles, is well, lawn colored, so the idea of photographing in the true environment of the sport is misleading.

The Field Hockey Coach, Shellie Onstead, also happens to be the assistant coach for the US team, and was a standout on the Cal team in 1980. She's very friendly, awesome to work with and brought me over a ladder so I could photograph the girls on the slanted lawn.

The girls had fun with some piggy back shots.

Looking forward to a great 2010 season for them! =)

All photos up at

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