September 30, 2010

On the Road - To Lake Havasu

For some reason, my mom loves oil wells. Today we had the opportunity to see one up close and working. They are indeed pretty cool, but I'm surprised that they appear more or less the same as they did when the James Dean movie, Giant, was filmed. We can go from rotary telephones to iPhones, yet still most pumpjacks across the US look like this. And here it is up close!

In other, cooler, outdated fashion. We found this awesome Cinderella's carriage structure off the side of the road.

Also on the road:

A passing some new technology, those crazy crazy windmills, looking almost ominous.

Then a little more into the desert we found a road runner, running across the road, how appropriate! Thankfully he wasn't very timid and I was able to catch this of him!

That's all folks! Photos will be up at

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