October 27, 2010

Birthday Week!!

*Not photo related*

I love all holidays, especially my birthday, and considering my birthday is on a holiday, even better. After a crazy and fun October, it's almost my birthday!!!!

I'm getting so big!

As a kid, it was awesome because I received presents AND candy and EVERYONE celebrated my birthday, even if they weren't aware of it. When I was born, Stacey was not only big sister that day, but was also Big Bird haha.


I like to celebrate my birthday all month, all week, and obviously all day. With my birthday falling on a Sunday, I'm claiming two weeks of Halloween/Birthday fun. =)

taken by Mary Candace my birthday '07

Sunday my friends came over and we made these awesome pumpkins for our going-to-the-World-Series Giants! Middle pumpkin is Brian Wilson... and this brings a whole new meaning to "fear the beard" =)

Tonight my friend and fellow blogger, KC, will (attempt to) kayak to McCovey Cove for the Giants game.

last time I kayaked with my dad, taken by Colleen Cox

I am filling my birthday weeks with lots of photo assignments too. Women's Swimming Head Shots, Men's Swimming Head Shots, a cover shoot for the Cal Sports Quarterly, Cal Field Hockey vs Stanford, San Jose Earthquakes in the playoffs against the New York Red Bulls, Rugby head shots on Monday and then next Friday heading north with Cal Football for their game against Washington State on Saturday. And who knows what else I'll throw in there! Hopefully I can catch up with my blogging and then stay on top of it.

Me and my college roommate Lina my birthday '05... neither of us actually had iPod's, those were styrofoam and shoelaces

Intermixed in all the photo fun will also be some family and friends fun!

with my family, birthday weekend last year

In spirit of that, I'll be celebrating my birthday this Sunday at Raleigh's in Berkeley. Welcome to join me for food, drinks, watching the Giants, and good times =)

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  1. Happy Birthday Kelley!

    I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, and will be sure to sing for you then. :-)

    - Joe