October 5, 2010

On the Road - Dot's Mini Museum

Left Albuquerque and headed to the Texas panhandle. First destination was The Cowboy Boot Tree in Vega, Texas.

We had heard that there was also "Dot's Mini Museum" nearby but it was supposed to be closed at 5 and we didn't get there until 6, so oh well.

But as we are checking out the cowboy boot tree, this lady comes out, Betty, Dot's daughter, who now lives in the house and manages Dot's Mini Museum. She opens up the museum and it's a shed of all these collectibles, randoms. It's like your typical antique store where some of the stuff is old, precious, pricey, and other stuff is just random items someone held onto.

There was a whole shelf of cameras, pretty cool!

Since my mom loves this type of stuff, her and Betty really hit it off, and she proceeded to show us a second shed that's all tools and wear that her family either inherited or "found down by the river" as kids. Crazy cool!

Then there was ANOTHER shed, that was all of her mom's Avon bottles, trophies (she played volleyball into her 70s or something crazy like that) and dolls.

Outside was also like a museum, old bikes and laundry machines.

And there was even a salvaged bed frame from a junkyard that still had the woman's old hair pin on it!

All in all, overwhelming for sure, but Betty was so kind and it's neat to keep up this history. It's not so much a "museum" as it is a personal collection that visitors can peek at.

Here's a photo too good to pass up, taken with my mom's camera by Betty of my mom and I =)

Photos up at photos.kelleylcox.com

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