October 3, 2010

On the Road - Sedona - and the Meteor Crater

Wow! I had never been to Sedona before. What a beautiful area! Three reasons I love Sedona.

1) Native American crafts stands before Sedona. At a stopping point before the drive through the canyon, there are a handful of booths where Native Americans sell their crafts. It is the only federally managed place designed to help REAL Native Americans sell REAL Native America crafts. It's purpose is to ensure you aren't purchasing overpriced, made in China, fake turquoise manufactured earrings from a shop owned by a guy from Boston, but rather supporting the local tribes and getting the authentic handmade or at least hand crafted goods. It's not gimmicky and the pieces created are so unique and beautiful! Yesterday's and today's earrings were actually purchase there a few years ago by my mom and I love them! Added to my collection today as well =)

(taken with iPhone)

2) Maintain level of pristine nature. Obviously, Sedona is a thriving community with cell phone towers, a Burger King, and all that, yet all the buildings and homes are designed so there are no major eye sores when taking in the panoramic view. Though surrounded by a variety of state and national parks, the city itself has done well to maintain the character of natural region.

3) The vortexes. The "New Age" tourist trap of Sedona is the idea that there are spiritual vortexes (yes, vortexes not vortices). There a 4 vortexes in Sedona, I visited the one near the airport because it is said to strengthen the masculine side, which helps one be confident, decisive, and able to concentrate. You can see the juniper trees twisting, apparently from the vortexes. Also, it is customary to "meditate, chant, and create whimsical rock cairns"... so you can guess what I did =)

my rock cairn =)

Left Sedona and headed east, which isn't as classic sounding as "headed west", but it's what we did. Stopped by the Meteor Crater. That lil black figure in the center... over 6 feet tall, that's how massive this crater is!

Found the ruins of a house of rocks then headed farther east so I could be "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona"... you know the rest =)

Photos up at photos.kelleylcox.com/texastrip

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  1. Great...now I have "take it easy" stuck in my head. Thanks, Kell!