September 30, 2010

On the Road - To Sequoia

For those who don't know, I'm on the road. My cousin, Lindsay is getting married next Friday in Dallas and I decided to make a trip out of it.

My only real destination is to be in Albuquerque on Monday the 4th to watch the beginnings of the Dawn Patrol in Albuquerque on the 5th, and be in Dallas by Thursday the 7th. Other than that, it's where the road takes us!

For this trip, I am bringing only my new fixed 50mm macro lens. I haven't had much free time to play around with it, and what better excuse?

First stop, was in Vacaville, to capture the burrowing owls... I hope these little guys aren't the extent of my nature photos, and I'm already feeling worried that I should have brought a longer lens!

Next, some corn along the side of the road just outside Vacaville to make sure the macro works and I don't have to turn back around.

Then the real fun begins. In Sequoia National Park. Cool storm, you can see the rain falling!

While in the final leg of Sequoia, we got stopped and told we missed the last pass through by 6 minutes and needed to wait an hour. A section of the road is one way due to sliding/renovating. Bummer! But, as luck would have it, we (and the 30+ cars behind us) were all entertained by this bear and his 2 friends who were picking berries in the trees.

Definitely wishing I had brought my 70-200 for this bear (300mm would be impractical) and my wide for these scenery shots, but oh well!

In "I tend to be ridiculous" news, when packing for this trip, I decided I should wear Texas, Native American, Southerwestern themed earrings... embarassingly, I had more earrings that I do days of travel. Here's Day 1, yeehaw:

I will be posting all photos up at now and putting up the full set when I get back to the bay.

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