November 11, 2010

Cal Men's Soccer defeats Stanford - Pac 10 Title!

Last minute I realized nobody was covering the Cal vs Stanford Men's Soccer game. Not only was it Senior Day and against Stanford but with the win, Cal would seal up the Pac-10 title! So of course I had to shoot it. And I'm so glad I did. What an exciting game and a great crowd!

Cal scored first with Alec Sundley. His first collegiate goal. I think he literally kept his mouth this open for at least 10 seconds of celebration. 1) I can't blame him I would too 2) I appreciate him giving me lots of opportunities to get the celebration photo =)

Stanford answered with a goal and Cal and Stanford went into the second half tied.

Servando Carrasco scored the 2nd goal to put Cal back up, and had some more awesome celebration.

Then Alec Sundley scored again to seal up the win.

Stanford scored again at the 89th but it was too little, too late and Cal went crazy holding up the Pac-10 trophy.

Then a quick change from jeans and camera to heels and clutch and I headed to West Elm for the launch of Anthology magazine with my friend K.C. Since K.C. just started her new company,, she went to gather ideas and mingle with famous designers and bloggers. I went to keep her company, get compliments on my thrift store purchase oxford heels, step into the life of the glamorous for an evening, and enjoy free chocolate! =)

What an exciting day!

Full set of Soccer photos up at:

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  1. Thanks for coming with and thanks for the shout-out :)