November 1, 2010

Cal Rugby Head Shots

Headed onto campus today for Cal Rugby Head Shots. Was fun to see some of the guys come in, then go shave and sit again.

And Rugby being the sport it is, sometimes you have to photoshop the head shots a bit on request.

Despite the drastic late September announcement that Cal Rugby will no longer be a varsity sport for the 2011-2012 season, along with Baseball, women's lacrosse, men and women's gymnastics, the players and staff were in relatively good spirits.

On a personal level, the rugby alumni reception my sophomore year was my very first solo assignment for  From then as a shy newbie intern up to now, rugby has been incredibly respectful of my time, appreciative of my images , kind and professional on all levels.

Jack Clark and what he instills in his program has been inspirational. He has always maintained "grateful for everything, entitled to nothing" and I think that crosses over from playing field to life. To say I am disappointed to see this incredible self-funded program that has won 80% of the National Championships (post about most recent) be cut would likely lead me to drag on with lots of negative energy. So instead, let me direct you to and more specifically how you can help.

Go bears!

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