December 12, 2010

Stanford Men's Basketball defeats UC Riverside 55-48

About two hours after the end of the Stanford women's basketball game, the men's team had a game against UC Riverside. Though UC Riverside isn't a Pac-10 team, they gave Stanford a great game that wasn't decided until the final minute, ending 55-48 after some missed shots and fouls.

At the half, Stanford led 21-14. UC Riverside brought the score within 3 points, but were never able to take the lead.

Tough to score against defense that can not only get three guys on defense but also rebound.

Both teams put out a great effort and it was an exciting game to shoot. It's great to cover two games in one day and feed two birds with one seed. And it's definitely easier to cover two basketball games in one day than it is two football games! Especially when they are on the same court.

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