February 3, 2011

Arizona Men's Basketball defeat Stanford 78-69

After a fun day with my parents and grandma touring a Fortune Cookie Factory in Oakland, headed over to Stanford for the men's basketball game against #21/22 Arizona.

Despite tying it up a few times, including tied at 60-60, the Cardinal fell to the Wildcats 78-69.

Jeremy Green went up for what would have been an awesome dunk. But he was fouled by Lamont Jones, yikes!

Foul on the other side included a necessary foul by Aaron Bright against Lamont Jones to prevent the shot on a steal.

This time I spent the final minutes of the game centered under the basket as opposed to sitting there early in the second half. I was again pretty pleased with the shots.

Even if it looks a little close for comfort as Dwight Powell passes in the ball to Jarrett Mann. =)

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