February 8, 2011

BBC: Cal Head Shots and Team Photo

Headed over to Evans Diamond for baseball head shots and team photo.

When leaving Emeryville, it was so windy, I had to run in order to keep up with how hard the wind was pushing me! I thought, how am I going to use my umbrella stand in the wind? But thankfully Berkeley was calm and beautiful... strange.

Before with baseball team photo, the background has been the field, the stands, or the sky. For this year, I thought it'd be appropriate to showcase some of the notable alumni that line the south wall of the field. Sort of an homage to the 118 years of Cal Baseball that fears elimination.

By the time I posted this blog, Cal Athletics announced that lacrosse, women's gymnastics and rugby were saved, but baseball and men's gymnastics would lose varsity status next year. But, the fight to save baseball is not over, the university did agree to consider reinstating baseball in the future. Please visit: SaveCalBaseball.com to learn more about how to support these efforts!

Full set up at: http://www.goldenbearsports.com/2010-2011/baseball/team

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