March 31, 2011

14th Annual CCCAA Convention

Spent two days at the Marriott San Mateo photographing the 14th Annual CCCAA Convention. CCCAA being the California Community College Athletic Association.

There were three great events to honor students, alumni and staff.

First was the Scholar Athletes Luncheon to recognize outstanding achievements by students. Be it, transforming from an average student to part of the <1.5% transfer students accepted to Stanford, or a student who overcame drug addition and moved on to a 4 year university.

Next was the Hall of Fame dinner to recognize outstanding achievements of Community College graduates. An impressive class to say the least!

Finally was the Honoring Our Own Luncheon to acknowledge the efforts of Community College coaches, teachers, and support staff.

Though I went straight to Cal from high school, I think there's something to be said for the community college path. It saves you money, allows you more time to develop as a young adult with opportunities to take a variety of classes in order to discover your passion, and provides a great community for the foundation of your future.

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