May 1, 2011

Cal Women's Basketball by Cal Women's Basketball

On Friday, Coach Gottlieb was hoping for images from their team dinner that evening, for team bonding shots, but after shooting their individual practices, I had to hop on I-880 to cover the A's games. So I left my new baby (my 7D) in the responsible hands of Jess. She brought it to the team dinner and kept it through the weekend, allowing the girls to photograph themselves on their various adventures. It's always fun to see what results when you put the camera in the hands of the subjects themselves =)

Looks like they had a lot of fun at Elephant Bar, the Cal Baseball game, and at Fisherman's Wharf.

I love that whoever had the camera took all these "environmental" shots... a true photographer ;-)

They are such a fun and tight-knit, family of student athletes!

And I think the energetic happy vibe of the coaching staff, just adds to it!

And I'm very happy to report my baby was returned unharmed, thanks Jess, and all the girls who were careful not to feed it to the sealions =)

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