July 22, 2011

Zenfolio ZOOM tour and meetup

Headed over to Fort Mason Center today for the second stop of the Zenfolio ZOOM tour. ZOOM tour is designed to help "Zennies" learn more about how to optimize their account.

I switched over to Zenfolio over a year ago and I could not possibly be more happy with the service, so though I feel comfortable using some of the zenfolio features: custom domain, coupon codes, locked/private galleries, client access page, slideshows, and more, I figured there was a chance I could learn something new, and more importantly meet up with other Zennies.

Unfortunately I had to cut out for the Giants game before the more conversational session, but I was able to hear Laura Tillinghast walk through some of the features, Alan Dep present his use of Zenfolio, and meet Michelle the (wo)man behind the curtain of zenfolio's facebook and twitter which so kindly sent me a free TShirt for being Tweet of the Week.

ZOOM tour will also be in Chicago 8/11, Atlanta 8/16, Orlando 8/18, Kansas City 8/23, Las Vegas 9/10, Philadelphia 9/13, Dallas 9/15, Santa Fe 9/18, and Seattle 9/23, so for any photo buddies and/or blog readers, should definitely check it out!!

My love for Zenfolio just increased tenfold, thanks to my enthusiasm about it, I am now proud to announce I am an official affiliate of Zenfolio. This means, I can offer all my readers 10% off opening a new account. Just click the snazzy lil logo below or visit http://www.zenfolio.com/?refcode=Y18-2EM-88X

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