August 20, 2011

Oakland A's defeat the Toronto Blue Jays 5-1

Headed over to the Coliseum for the A's vs Blue Jays.

A's put out a great effort and came away with a comfortable 5-1 victory over the Blue Jays.

And, big news for me, I'm finally starting to roam around the ball park a bit and getting away from chillin in the third base bucket all game at A's. After reading this SportsShooter article early in season, I feared stepping on someone's toes, moving at the wrong time, being in someone's way or doing something that would disqualify me from ever being considered "one of the guys" in the small sports photography industry, which seems magnified with shooting baseball. So now, after 5 months of watching the veterans and some kind encouragement from Monica Davey, I'm mobile! This means I can get a different angle... example - pitcher's.  See if you can spot the differences.

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