September 28, 2011

Colorado Rockies defeat the San Francisco Giants 6-3

Headed over to AT&T for the final Giants game of the season.

Both teams out of the playoffs, the Rockies defeated the Giants 6-3.

I found myself drawn to dugout photos even more than usual.

Not just for Pablo Sandoval as per usual.

And Brian Wilson playing with fake snakes.

But for the moment of Pat Burrell

After being taken out of what might very well be the final game of his career after a foot injury which might force him to retire. Tearing up as he came into the dugout to high five teammates.

And stepped out of the dugout to acknowledge fans again.

At the start of this season, though very excited to be working with new agencies and photographing Giants and A's, I didn't completely understand or appreciate baseball. I'm not sure I'll ever understand all the intricacies, but I have to admit I fell in love with baseball this summer and am already missing even the extra innings, in twelve layers of clothes to match the layers of fog days at the ballpark. Thanks for the memories!


  1. It was a special day!

    I thought that was you on the field at the end.

    I scored a ball from Jeff Keppinger when the players tossed them to the fans. I was in the upper deck...nice toss Jeff!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous =) Awesome that you caught the ball from Keppinger! 2nd basemen have good arms, quite a throw to the upper deck! Special day indeed!