October 26, 2011

Bodie Ghost Town Photos

On my trip to the Eastern Sierras, stopped through Bodie, the best preserved ghost town in California.

According to history Bodie was a thriving boomtown in the 1800s after the discovery of gold led to a thriving mine supporting a population near 10,000 with 65 saloons in a community of "miners, storeowners, gunfighters, prostitutes, and people from every country of the world."

As the town declined, people just up and left, and in 1962 the California State Historic Park was able to preserve by far the coolest ghost town I've seen. And thanks to my mom's bizarre travels, that's actually quite a number of ghost towns.

It's so cool to see the different layers of wall paper peeling off the wall!

I think there's still some ghosts lingering around too, because right after this shot, the auto focus on my 16-35mm quit working at random... eerie!

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