November 2, 2011

Stanford Cardinal Women's Basketball defeat UCSD Tritons 106-56

After covering the Rip Curl Pro Search in San Francisco, headed down to Stanford with just enough time to grab some Chipotle before speaking to some of the fan photographers for Fast Break Club Fan Pix. Big thanks to David and Marian Cortesi for organizing and Stanford for letting us use and helping set up Kissick Auditorium! Hopefully it was helpful to everyone!

Stanford had a great debut against the UCSD Tritons defeating them 106-56. 

There's always kinks to work out and these exhibition games are great to see what areas of the game might need more attention and what's working well.

But the new faces are definitely making their mark!

I was pretty impressed that despite having no possible way of picking up the victory, the Tritons bench would cheer for each basket. But one basket against a strong Stanford team, is definitely something to celebrate!

Now, being more aware of the number of fan photographers in the stands, I tried to spot a few =) Be sure to check out to see all the great images they are making!

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