December 3, 2011

Benicia Community Arts - Port Costa

Headed over to Port Costa to be a substitute teacher for my buddy Karl Neilsen's photo class through Benicia Community Arts program.

For the day, the photo class was taking a field trip through Port Costa.

A town just on the side of the Carquinez Bridge past Crockett, and despite being just 40 miles from San Francisco, it's the town that time forgot.

We walked around and I tried to explain different camera settings, what things I look for, like light wrapping around leaves.

And how I frame certain things.

Near the end of the class we went inside the Warehouse Cafe and old dive bar that is just too cool!

They had blues playing and random decorations everywhere.

Including a stuffed polar bear!

Fun day for me and hopefully some of my insight was useful to Karl's students.

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