January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!

Hello and Happy New Year! I am kicking off 2010 with a new and improved blog to accompany my new and improved site www.KelleyLCox.com

I'm very excited because this has been such a labor of love: figuring out html, css, java, pixaria, dreamweaver and all sorts of programs, codes, and methods that combine to create a webpage. There are 3 components:

KelleyLCox.com - my site: serving as an online portfolio and portal

KelleyLCox.com/purchase - where you can buy my photos. this is still sort of in the works as I navigate appropriate organization, labs, prices, and laws

KelleyLCox.blogspot.com - you are here! I will try to update this blog with any shoots or adventures I go on. It's main goal is to be a running journal to document the trials and tribulations of breaking into the world of photography... interrupted with scattered thoughts =)

You can also find/follow/add/stalk me:
and probably a bunch of others I've forgotten I've signed up for!

Please stay in touch, you can comment or email me. I always appreciate feedback!!

Best wishes for 2010!

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