January 4, 2010

Sutro Tower

Tonight, before grocery shopping, I headed up to my all time, ultimate favorite lookout spot in the city to take advantage of a relatively clear night. I brought my tripod with me to catch some long exposures so my photos wouldn't look like this:

I also had a little fun playing with the zoom in the one below

But anyone who knows me, knows the reason I love this lookout spot is not for the view, the couples all sucking face, or the teenagers hot-boxing up there... it's for the view you get on the other side of the hill

Dah, da da laaaah! Sutro Tower!!

I can't pinpoint why I love Sutro Tower so much. It's just an antenna tower, it's only been around since the 70s, and is probably transmitting cancerous electromagnetic radiation. But it fascinates me!

It reminds me of "The White Mountains" that I read in 8th grade, where the omnipresent Tripods live overlooking the humans.

It stands above the skyline, without question, and is a well recognized element of any photos taken of San Francisco from the East Bay. And even though the image is usually flattened out and Sutro Tower just pops up between high-rises, it's really looming over the city, standing all alone, a good 4 or 5 miles away from all the glamorous downtown buildings.

So my love affair with Sutro Tower continues =)

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