June 1, 2010

Back On Blogger!

I'm sorry to say I haven't been too happy with my kelleylcox.com/blog site, been getting lots of spam comments (I think this is my fault for not keeping an up to date version of wordpress)...and this one continues to get more traffic, so I'm back on blogger. Shouldn't have tried to fix what wasn't broken =)

But all is not lost... I realized I can still "host" my own blog using blogger through blog.kelleylcox.com and any kelleylcox.blogspot.com will redirect there. Google and all their varying services... AMAZING!

Will be updating with anything that's been missed between the switch and now.

Also... now have a facebook page for myself! I'm on the bandwagon! Once I get 25 fans I can make a custom username, so I'm spamming all my family members and close friends with invites.

Tack så mycket!


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