September 17, 2010

The California Zephyr - Emeryville to Reno

Earlier this week, one of the Cal Media Relations guys called me to let me know there wasn't enough room on the charter flight for the University of Nevada Reno game this weekend and I was going to have to take..... the train!!

I was so excited!! The Amtrak route from the bay to Reno is BEAUTIFUL. It's aboard the California Zephyr, which travels all the way to Chicago.

We started off in Emeryville, and got a scenic view of my house.

Continued along the bay and passed under the Carquinez bridge

Then after some other stops, we went through the beautiful Sierra Nevadas

And went through lots of cool tunnels.

And above Donner Lake

Near the end of our trip, just past Truckee, we also went under the overpass that is named after my grandpa, the CHP Officer Glenn Carlson Memorial Overpass. This area was his favorite place, and you can see why. The valley here is gorgeous with the Truckee River running through!

This was one of the best most beautiful, exciting trips, and the pictures I can show you aren't even close to describing how awesome it was.

But, I'm thankful to be taking the plane back tonight because it was an 8 hr train ride. The only thing that will be missing on this trip is Steve Martin... planes, trains, and automobiles =)

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