April 22, 2011

Atlanta Braves Defeat the San Francisco Giants 4-1

Headed over to AT&T Park today to shoot the Giants against the visiting Atlanta Braves.

Giants started out with Madison Bumgarner, who unfortunately had some troubles on the mound and was promptly pulled after the 3rd inning Giants were down 4-0.

Ryan Vogelsong came in to replace him. But the damage was done.

Tommy Hanson on the other hand, pitched seven innings.

Pablo Sandoval had a nice steal for third and was eventually batted in. But the game ended 4-1 Braves.

Though Brian Wilson didn't have the opportunity to save the game, the beard was ever ready. When he decided to grow out his beard, he literally meant out... it's a solid three horizontal inches from end of beard to face. CRAZY!

Remember how in another post I mentioned the seagulls that fly in at the end of every game?

They were ever present tonight as I edited photos after the game.

Yup, look closely, top right corner of my laptop screen, a bird poop dropped right onto my screen. What are the odds? I must be lucky.

Afterwards, I had fabulous ladies night with KC and Nicole. For those who don't know, fabulous ladies night (at least this time) entails watching SNL the best of Will Ferrell. I wanted to show KC a picture of B Dubs beard, but forgot I still had bird poo residue on my screen, it was promptly noticed and earned me the nickname "poopstain"... let's hope it doesn't stick. Both the poop and and name =)

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