May 14, 2011

USA Rugby DI College Championship

Headed back to Steuber Rugby Stadium for the USA Rugby DI College Championship between women's Penn State Nittany Lions and Army Black Knights, and the men's UCSB Gauchos and Davenport Panthers. What incredible games. But even better than the action was the celebration and pure joy afterwards!

First the women's. Unquestionably one of my favorite women's games ever. Constant action, great plays, exciting through the end as Army defeated Penn State 33-29.

And dang, Ann Lee scoring ALL of Army's 33 points. She was incredible! Upon receiving the MVP award she tried to hand it to her teammates as they lifted her up.

Next up was men's, another great competition as Davenport defeated UCSB 38-19.

I wish I could feel this emotion, all day, every day!

Flyhalf J.P. Eloff picked up the MVP award, and didn't just jump for joy, but flipped for joy!!

And I was able to head home JUST before the storm brewing in the background came through =)

All photos up and available for purchase at

Also, quick shout out to Zach Sanderson, who covered the individual CCCAA badminton championship for me while I covered the finals. Check out his shots on here


  1. after winning this game..I still feeling that same emotion 3 days later...screaming was the only way I knew how to let it out...

  2. Nice! Hope you are still feeling on top of the world! Finished uploading all the photos to Such a great game! Congratulations!

  3. Thank you